Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

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Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

The ideas for Halloween costumes this year are far and wide so I can definitely understand that some people are overwhelmed at the thought. Because of all the insanity surrounding what your Halloween costume should be, how to DIY and get inspired, and some more unique ideas, I came up with some ideas for you guys so I hope you enjoy!


Spiderweb Earrings / Spiderweb Cuff / Golden Web Maxi Dress / Deep Wine Lipstick / Lime Crime Liquid Liner / Gold Heels

Black Widow Baby

This is just a concept, really, but you could literally be a “Black Widow” spider, you could be the figurative husband killer version, or you could put a brighter, more fashionable spin on your typical witch costume! I really loved the golden web maxi dress shown above and I think it could be worn any time, not just on Halloween, though it obviously shines brightest during fall and winter. Other fun ideas are Wednesday Addams, anything gothic or dead, ghost versions of anything, and any manner of pretty or scary dolls.

Makeup Looks to Try:


Purple Lipstick / Winged Heels / Flair Witch Skirt / Devil Clutch / Black Nail Polish

Witches Be Trippin’

Originally, I wanted the costume to specifically be Katrina Crane from Sleepy Hollow as I love her whole off the shoulder dress witch look, but then I thought some of you might want to go for a more traditional witch look and I can totally understand. The idea above is a bit more current and fashionable and you could definitely re-use any of the pieces later on in a non-costume way.

Other fun ideas include any number of the demons and monsters from Sleepy Hollow – Moloch, the Sandman, and even some of the Colonial ghosts are pretty creepy looking! You could rock an Ichabod Crane getup, sport Abby Mills police attire or just be possessed because so many people on that show get possessed LOL. You could also go for a more fashionable look and get dressed up as a very stylish AHS last season’s Coven witch with stilettos, a long skirt or dress and a floppy hat.

Makeup Looks to Try:


MUF Aquarelles / Skeleton Flats / Skeleton Tee / Skeleton Bracelet / Black Lip Gloss

Bad to the Bone

You could do dead in a number of ways. You could go for realism and rock the anatomical skeleton makeup look with literally any kind of clothing. You could wear fun, skeleton inspired clothing as shown above, you could go for the bare all black ensemble, or you could just wear a really nice suit or dress.

If you don’t care for the realistic look, there are always sugar skull makeup looks which are a fun take and look a lot more colorful! In that case, you can rock a pretty dress or go for a more traditional Mexican dia de los muertos look with a traditional Mexican skirt and blouse.

Makeup Looks to Try:


Beret Hat / False Red Bow Lashes / Stripe Crop Top + Skirt / MUF Flash Case Makeup Palette

Clown Around

Clowns or mimes are a fun option for anyone and really easy to pull off! You can go traditional, glamorous or scary and your costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Basically, all you need is some element of stripes in your costume and some kind of face paint in the mix for your makeup.

You can do your entire face or just your eyes. You can do a traditional mime, a French mime, a sad clown, a happy clown, demented clown, etc. The options are pretty limitless on this one. You could even make your costume vintage and go super period correct or do a 1920’s, 1950’s or old style court jester.

Makeup Looks to Try:

Other Costume Ideas

  • Purge:Anarchy
  • Wesen from Grimm – Fuchsbau, Blutbad, or Reaper
  • Elsa or Anna from Frozen (expect to be one of many if you do this haha)
  • Anyone from the Hunger Games
  • Batman, the Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, the Ridler, etc.
  • Any of the characters from Once Upon A Time, especially the Evil Queen or Rumpelstiltskin – Get inspiration here.
  • Minnie Mouse or any Disney character or princess (Minnie Mouse Makeup here!)
  • TONS of video game characters like a Little Sister or Big Daddy or Elizabeth from Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed assassin, Borderlands (Sirens are cool!), World of Warcraft, League of Legends (especially Vi or Jinx), Alice: Madness Returns, or Silent Hill

What Will You Dress Up As this Halloween?


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