Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup and Costume

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You may have seen this costume around the blog as I’ve shared it a few times each year, but never done any official post on it so I thought I’d actually share how I got the look and what I did for my costume just in case any of you were curious or wanted to DIY your own creepy costume this year!

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup & Costume

This is my Halloween costume and makeup from a few years back when I was 19. I dressed up as Harley Quinn. If you don’t know who she is, she’s basically the Joker’s main squeeze. It depends on what story you read/watch because they always spin her story and there are thousands of fanfics out there alongside the Batman cartoons and comics, but the basic story is that Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist who thinks she can cure the Joker. The Joker ends up making her lose her mind instead. She becomes obsessed with him at that point and becomes a love interest / henchman of his. Their relationship is super twisted. She began as a character in the cartoon, but was so popular that she was later added as a character to the comics. Since then, she’s developed a huge cult following.

She dresses up, traditionally in a black eye mask and jester’s outfit with bells on it and she carries around a huge sledge hammer. Anyway, the point is she’s crazy and she wears all checkered red and black jester outfit. You could probably buy an outfit for her at Spirit Halloween, but to be honest, no costume will be as good as one you make yourself.

UPDATE: There are now TONS of Harley Quinn costumes which have been inspired by all the Arkham video games that have come out and now there will be one inspired by the Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad so you can really take your pick of those or choose to make your own like I did so many years ago!

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How I Made the Costume:

I had black disco pants and a red (with black pinstipes) top on hand already so I just painted them with fabric paint. I painted one leg of my disco pants red and then I painted the opposite side of my top red so that it would look checkered when I was wearing them both. That’s basically all I did for my costume. I wore bracelets that I added little bells to so they would jingle when I walked and creep people out and I work a clip in black rose hair clip. I wore all of this with heeled thigh high boots.

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I also went to a friend’s Halloween party where I did my makeup closer to the classic Harley Quinn cartoon version which I paired with a homemade jester’s collar that I made from felt and tied around my neck.

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How I Did My Makeup:

My makeup was entirely creative expression. Originally, Harley Quinn just paints her face white and wears a black mask with red lipstick. I wanted to look a lot creepier than that so I improvised. I used dark green on my eyes (no idea why – just thought it looked cool), I tried to recreate the look of a mask on my eyes with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack as well as do my brows, and half my lips. The red color on my brows, lips and the heart on my cheek were all done using MAC Lipstick in Dubonnet.

And that’s pretty much all you need to DIY your very own Harley Quinn costume!

Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Character?

♥ Tianna

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    Great inspiration! Harley is such an interesting character.
    Skye recently posted…8 Crime Comics That Won Me OverMy Profile

    1. October 9, 2014 at 4:20 PM

      Thank you! Yes, I definitely agree – she’s fascinating and her look is really cool!

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