Easy Skeleton Halloween Makeup Look Using Only 1 Product!

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Easy Skeleton Halloween Makeup

I thought I would share this super simple skeleton makeup look as it’s ridiculously easy to do and it only uses ONE product! That’s right; I said one product. I am not even wearing foundation in this photo or anything. To be honest, all these makeup looks have me a little burnt out on makeup as many of them take forever to wash off. Not so with this one, though!

All you need is the Jane Iredale Jelly Pot Gel Eyeliner in Purple and an angled eyeliner brush to create this look.


Get the Skeleton Look:

I also used some reference photos to create the sunken in eyes, nose and teeth, but I skipped the rest of the details because I wanted to keep the look basic enough that anyone could reproduce it with good results.

Also, a plus to using this gel eyeliner is that it washes off a hell of a lot easier than actual black costume paint. You can get all of this off with a few face wipes 🙂 .

Of course, If you wanted to add more details, you could. If you want to wear a fully made up face and THEN add these skeleton details on top, you can do that too. It’s really up to you how you do it and the look is super versatile in that sense.

I just really love that you can pop this on and you’re good to go for Halloween so if Halloween isn’t really your thing, but you still want a simple costume, this is a great option. You can literally do this makeup and wear your normal clothes. Now you’re your skeleton self! 😀 No costume or purchases required. See what I did there?


Of course, you can get the JI purple gel eyeliner is you want to recreate this look exactly as I did, but it’s not necessary. You can do it with any gel or liquid eyeliner. I don’t recommend pencil or crayon, unless they have incredible staying power, as they will quickly melt right off your face.

A Few Notes:

This one does fade over time, but it’s a good fade rather than melting and making you look bizarre a few hours in to whatever parties or events you’re attending. I personally really love this eyeliner as the color is a deep shimmer purple and it looks really cool and unexpected for the skeleton makeup which is typically done in black or dark gray colors.

What Do You Think of My Skeleton Makeup?

Would You Rock this for Halloween?

Link your Halloween posts in the comments!



*affiliate links in post. Please note: this is not sponsored in any way; I love Jane Iredale and just happened to have this gel eyeliner on hand and use it for this look randomly. All opinions are honest and completely my own.

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