Natural Color Cosmetics |Clever Makeup Tips from Lyz Plant of Louche Lily!

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Natural Color Cosmetics

Clever Makeup Tips from Lyz Plant of Louche Lily!

I feel so grateful today to be able to share some awesome makeup tips from Lyz Plant, founder of Louche Lily! If you don’t know who Lyz Plant is, well, you’re missing out! Lyz is a beloved Canadian makeup artist who has covered over 17 fashion weeks in Canada and helped to beautify the faces of tons of Oscar winners, models, musicians, and even world leaders! Her journey to natural beauty started out with a constant love for the environment and has since spawned her gorgeous eco beauty shop, Louche Lily, where she offers a wide selection of natural beauty brands in a fun and unique way.

So, with that, here are some incredibly insightful makeup tips from the lovely Lyz Plant ♥

Canada Day-116

{ Isn’t Lyz lovely?! }

Switching to Natural Color Cosmetics 
Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Makeup from Lyz Plant

First off – HUGE props to you- Even just reading this weather you’re full on into the wellness movement or just taking a peek into seeing what it’s all about, you deserve applause (and none of this golf clap business, a full on standing O – for realz)

Who the hell am I? I’m a makeup artist in Canada based out of Toronto who has worked 17 fashion weeks total across Canada, has touched the faces of many world leaders, an Oscar winner and many musicians and hundreds, maybe thousands of faces for makeovers, bridal parties – you name it. Always into the environment. I finally bought up an eco beauty shop, took it online, added several brands and just closed the physical location to focus on online and to travel with these incredible products. It’s called Louche Lily (Louche is a French word that basically means debaucherous in an appealing way) I love what I do and can’t wait to share my expertise to make the transition a little bit easier for you…


{ Lyz hard at work! }

Let’s start with the basics, I know you have probably have heard this to death, but I gotta say it. It really does start from the inside. Eating a healthy diet and tons of water really is where it’s at. Glowing skin is faked allllll of the time with makeup, but imagine you already had it?! Your friends would be so jealous…Healthy skin on the outside, though, does matter as well. ALWAYS take your makeup off at night! Even if it’s been a late one, at least use some Kaia wipes to remove and cleanse the skin before you hit the pillow. A daily routine is ideal with a mask/exfoliating treatment done at least once a week. I know I know…. I’m here to chat makeup, but this is as, if not more important.


Now the fun stuff! You ready?! 


Primers: You don’t HAVE to use a primer, but they do help the makeup last and help smooth the surface of the skin so the base makeup glides on. As it is an extra step, I prefer to use them more for a time when the makeup is a bit more of a “to-do” like if your going to a wedding, a big night out etc. 100% Pure makes a great one and Vapour Organics does a stick form that has a nice slight pearl glow to it.

Foundations: There is a huge sliding scale of textures so it really is a question of what you’re going for and what you’re used to. Many women, I find, are looking for a tinted moisturizer (most have an SPF which is awesome) for a day to day makeup look. This is an easy product, as well, if you’re baby stepping into more eco makeup to try. 100% Pure has one that I can barely keep in stock; great texture, works well under a heavier foundation, and it lasts for freaking ever. ILIA has a good one that is thicker, though, I find it doesn’t work under makeup as well so I would use this one if you’re looking for light coverage all the time and 100% Pure is a bit more versatile.

  • Medium coverage – Some of my faves are Vapour Organics Atmosphere Luminous Stick. it’s super easy to travel with, the shades are great and is amazing for drier skin as it’s super hydrating, leaving your skin with a glow (I’d much rather see skin glowy than looking dry). Dalish is one that makes the switch to a healthier option very easy… a very familiar texture, you won’t really notice any difference. They were just listed in Goop (yay!) and I’d say the coverage is a bit more than Vapour. Moving on from that for something with even more coverage is Kjaer Weis. A bit pricier of a brand, but the cool thing is they work on a refill system, so the heavier price tag is a one time thing. Their foundation is a thick cream so this I find is best applied with a brush and you can use different techniques to get the most out of the product for your needs (see below).



Something I like to do is to prep the skin, either with a primer or a tinted moisturizer. Doing it this way, I find the chosen foundation sits better on the skin and is more blendable as well. For most, we need the most coverage down the middle of our face, rarely we need as much on our cheeks and forehead… so what I do is, use a brush (or if you’re using a stick like Vapour, you can just use that right onto the face) and apply the foundation heavily down the middle and under the eyes and just do a few streaks, on the cheeks and forehead, blending in downward strokes and a more stippling motion with the brush in the middle of the face. This will help the look be more natural looking and will avoid that makeup not blended on the jaw line look. *Be sure to sweep a little bit onto the eyelid as well, this will help any eye products stick later and make sure you really get around the ridges of the nose and nostrils (trust me here) and very close to the lower lash line, we’re all a little red around there.

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Concealer: If you do find you need more coverage on some problem areas (HELLO dark circles), this is my biggest tip: I find most want to cover right under the eye, partly true, but for most you need to go more up into the inner corner/side bridge of your nose area and less on the below eye outer corner area, you can use that as a blending zone. Also I really like to keep it creamy, so the light bounces and fakes a more glowy lighter area under the eye. So if you are a powder lover, you can always put the concealer on after everything else.


Powder: I mentioned before that you don’t want to look too dry, I find you can look older, not healthy/hydrated and dated (the super matte thing was big in the 90’s) so, just don’t pile it on… a translucent powder like ILIA’s is great – super light and by focusing on where you really don’t want to be shiny, I call it the muzzle area (around the nose and mouth) and forehead will leave your skin looking effortlessly gorgeous.


I hope you guys had paper and pen out for this because these tips are pretty solid, especially for someone who has worked on such gorgeous faces, am I right? I hope you all found that helpful and special thank you to Lyz for sharing her expertise and tips! Please give her website a look at Louche Lily as she carries some gorgeous beauty brands there and if you care to see more of her beautiful makeup artistry, check out Lyz Plant

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*Please Note: This post was not sponsored in any way. Lyz kindly offered up her makeup tips out of the kindness of her heart! Thank you Lyz!! Affiliate links in post; Not all links are affiliate ♥

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  1. April 19, 2015 at 7:57 AM

    These are wonderful application tips! I’ve never heard of Dalish either, I’ll have to check them out.
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    1. April 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM

      glad you found them helpful! Lyz is such a nice MUA and wonderful fountain of helpful makeup advice. 🙂

  2. March 30, 2016 at 10:01 AM

    What an amazing and diverse portfolio! Love the out-of-the-ordinary photos especially. 🙂

    1. March 31, 2016 at 9:58 AM

      isn’t it? Liz is so talented!

  3. March 30, 2016 at 11:35 AM

    Such great tips. So awesome that you got Lyz to share all these great make-up secrets with us. I definitely need help when it comes to the foundation and cover-up, so thank you.

    1. March 31, 2016 at 9:59 AM

      I know! She knows so many awesome things about how to make your makeup look it’s best. I love it 🙂 thanks for stopping by Shann ♥

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