Fall Candles

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Fall Candles You'll Love!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am OBSESSED with fall candles! I light them up when September hits (okay, maybe even August) and get myself into the spirit of fall with some deliciously spicy scents. This year, I’ve been into a few lovely candles so I thought I would share a few favorites from my personal collection 🙂

Fall Candles You’ll LOVE ♥

Paddywax Candle- Fall Candles You'll Love!

Paddywax Candles 

I really love Paddywax candles! They’re not the most natural candles out there because they do use fragrance in some of their blends, but I love the scents and they don’t give me a headache so that’s always a plus in my book! Moreover, their candles are handmade in the USA from artisan soy wax and come in the coolest eco-friendly glass containers. I love their unique apothecary line for fall as the containers look so appropriate for the season!

Nature's Wick Candle - Fall Candles You'll Love!

Nature’s Wood Wick Candles

Nature’s Wick candles have natural wood wicks so they make that cool flickering sound while burning and burns clean (as opposed to cotton wicks which don’t always). It just feels like fall, you know? The only thing is that I’m sure “Spiced Scones” is not a natural scent (though I can’t find ingredients for this anywhere), but you really can’t beat the $11 price tag. Also, I found this one at Target so they’re pretty accessible.

Moreover, I like that they’re made in the USA using natural soy wax and a wood wick. If you want a candle that looks and smells like fall, I say these are a nice and affordable option. Not all of us can afford to drop $40 every time we want a new candle, but these are accessible. That said, you can get some super natural candles on the cheap on Etsy if you’re bent on getting 100% natural ones and don’t mind waiting for them to arrive.

Lite + Cycle Eco Candles - Fall Candles You'll LOVE!

Lite + Cycle Candles

I talked before ( here ) about my love for Lite + Cycle Candles and it bears repeating. Although they are on the pricey end of things, these candles are SO WELL MADE! They’re 100% worth it for their subtle, natural scents, 100% sustainable products from the blends used to make their candles to their eco-friendly packaging. I love how much thought goes into their candles and, for that, I’m will to splurge a bit every now and then and get one of these beauties.

BLOCKFOOT Skull Candle - Fall Candles You'll Love!

Blockfoot Skull Candles

I LOVE these skull candles! They’re incredibly affordable, first of all, as they only cost $10 for one candle or $26 for a set of 3. What makes these candles so special is that fact that they’re handmade in the UK using sustainable, vegan, and natural materials. Plus, they’re hand carved into these unique skulls with incredible celtic knot designs on them! I love these little candles so much that I only want them for decoration and not for burning, but you can burn them if you like 😛

Fall Candles You'll LOVE!

What Are Your Favorite Fall Candles?

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