Grateful November: Happy America Recycles Day!

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Happy America Recycles Day! + 10 ways to live a little greener!

Grateful November: 

Happy America Recycles Day!

Happy America Recycles Day everyone! Of course, I am so excited that there is a special day here in America that’s focused on recycling and living a little greener. Protecting our planet, keeping our communities clean, and promoting more sustainable ways of life are SO IMPORTANT! Additionally, I thought I would share a few easy ways you can recycle, reuse, and live your life a little bit greener.

Happy America Recycles Day!

10 Easy Ways to Live A Little Greener:

  1. Recycle, of course! Recycle your cans, water bottles (if you use them), and anything else you can.
  2. Reuse, reuse, reuse! Finish up a glass jar of body scrub? DIY one and use the jar again! Or use the jar for another purpose such as holding your cotton balls, holding hair accessories, or small jewelry.
  3. Stop using plastic.Plastic bags are one of those things that incessantly fill landfills year after year because recycling them is an illusion! That’s right; most plastic cannot be recycled. So, stop using them! Plastic bags kill thousands of marine life every year, gather on the AKA the great pacific garbage patch, and so the best thing to do is to switch to paper. Just ask for paper ya’ll! Or get your own bags!
  4. Go Biodegradable. Use options that break down like konjac sponges, eco beauty products, ocean friendly products, and sustainable options like glass, wood, and plant made materials.
  5. Clean up local areas of trash and recycle them. Clean the trash in your community and recycle what you can!
  6. Get Educated! Don’t know much about environmental issues, global warming, and the damage mass production does to eco systems and our oceans? Get educated and do your own research! That’s the only way you can form valid, educated opinions around this important issue.
  7. Get back into nature. Not sure you care about nature? Why not spend some time in it?
  8. Lobby for change in environmental policies! Want to make lasting change? Go to Washington and LOBBY for it!
  9. Donated to sustainability and environmental charities and organizations. Donate to environmental clean-ups, causes, research into sustainable materials and alternative energy, and organizations which help improve our planet.
  10. Get a job in green causes. Get in the trenches and work toward greener options by working in the eco industry.

How Are You Celebrating America Recycles Day?

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