Thesis Beauty Review

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Thesis Beauty Review

I’m so excited to share one of my latest beauty discoveries with you all! They’re very indie beauty, but I imagine that they will soon be on everyone’s radar given how awesome their products are. Thesis Beauty is their name and several of their products have already made it onto my favorites list including the mask below.

About Thesis Beauty

Thesis Beauty is ran by a group of happy vegetarians who searched high and low for products that were both natural, cruelty-free, and also effective. After much dissatisfaction, they embarked on a journey to create the products they were looking for themselves that would make a big difference for their skin while also protecting the environment, animals, and their bodies.

Read More About the Thesis Beauty Ethos Here

  • Premium certified organic ingredients
  • No Filler Formulas – All ingredients are active and have a purpose and function
  • No synthetics or gimmicks
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Truly Eco-friendly packaging

I was so excited to try out this new brand because for one, their packaging is so gorgeous! I love the simple apothecary style they’ve used. Most products are packaged in glass except for the body scrub which I think is done in case you happen to drop it in the shower (smart on their part). I’ve been using these products since late January so about 2 ish months and I’ve loved it so much!



This seaweed mask utilizes French green clay, spirulina, sea kelp, aloe, and various other plant ingredients to help calm, balance, and heal skin that’s prone to breakouts and irritation. I’ll be the first to say that this face mask smells like fish. It’s not the best scented face mask I’ve ever tried. That being said, the mask works SO well! I was so impressed with the effects of using this one that I am more than willing to put up with the weird fishy sea salt air smell. If you’re someone who has a problem with weird scents or something, you might want to pass, but if you can handle the odd scent for a few minutes, this is so ideal for helping heal acne prone or redness prone skin types! I actually think any type of skin that feels irritated, red, and generally unhappy will love this mask. Despite the funky smell, it’s worth it’s weight for the results it gives in one use. For that, I’ll keep using it! In fact, I enjoyed this face mask so much when I first tried it, it even made it onto list of my top beauty masks before this review was even published!


The cold pressed rosehip oil is really nice to use, though it’s not the most original product I’ve ever tried. That being said, it is really high quality. I love the lightness, softness and subtle natural scent of this and I do think it works well. I just think it’s been done so many times before that it’s not the most unique product in their lineup, but if you haven’t tried straight rose hip oil yet and are looking for an affordable one, this is a great option. Benefits to using rosehip oil include the fact that rose hip is naturally rich in vitamin A (natural form of retinol) which can help regenerate skin cells, heal acne and fine lines, and calm skin inflammation. This is a seriously gentle moisturizer and can work well as a night face oil treatment as well.



I loved using this pink bath salt because the bottle looks super old world apothecary and it feels so softening and luxurious when used for a bath! I just really enjoyed the experience of using it. I’m not sure this bath salt is all that exceptional a bath salt, but the packaging coupled with quality plant ingredients kind of won me over so I’d happily repurchase just because I love the way it looks near my bath, on my shelf, and it works nicely as well. According to Thesis, over 80 essential minerals are delivered to the skin using these Himalayan salts which help to rid your skin of toxins. Having been used by royalty for many years, I have to assume their onto something!


Of all the products in this lineup, this rose vanilla scrub is probably my least favorite. The scrub itself functions really well. It’s hydrating, softening and gentle, but I just really do not like the scent. It just does not work for me. I honestly feel like rose and vanilla, while they sound like they’d be amazing, don’t really go as well together as you might think. The smell is oddly bitter and off-putting, in my opinion. That said, this body scrub includes pink Himlayan salts to help detox and exfoliate the skin which were surprisingly gentle to use, skin-softening rose (dried rose is included directly in the scrub itself), and various plant oils and butters. The overall experience is a gentle exfoliation with a TON of hydration. I think this would be a great scrub to try if you have really dry skin as it’s very hydrating to use, but because of the scent, I don’t see myself picking this one up.



Last, but certainly not least, is the Natural Spray Deodorant which was another favorite of mine! In fact, I’m using it as we speak 😉 I’ve been on the hunt for a good natural deodorant for ages and if you’ve done any searching yourself, you’ll know this is NO EASY FEAT. I previously loved Schmidt’s and even repurchased that one a few times, but the baking soda did the inevitable and caused irritation and dryness to my under arms like so many others before me so I had to try new ones. I’ve tried so many and the problem is that many of them end up being either too hydrating, too drying, or just not effective at all. I love this one because it’s mainly an essential oils blend so it’s quite potent at neutralizing odors. On top of that, it’s aluminum and paraben free, and comes in spray form so you can easily use it quickly without worrying about white stains on your clothes. I like that it can be used on armpits as well as other places on the body that need freshening up, though I should mention that the sensation on places other than the under arms feels cooling kind of like mint. I wouldn’t recommend it on freshly shaved pits either as it burns a bit! Use a body oil first, then apply; it kind of stifles the burn lol. That said, I LOVE this deodorant spray and have been using it pretty religiously since I got it. It works so well, even in California heat, and it makes me smell so fresh and so clean clean all day long. I am addicted!


Overall, I seriously am loving this brand. My favorites from the products I tried are definitely the seaweed face mask and the deodorant spray, both of which I’ve been using very regularly since I received them in the mail. I will definitely be repurchasing them when they run out!

Browse their entire line of products at Thesis Beauty

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8 thoughts on “Thesis Beauty Review

  1. April 10, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    I’d love to try the Mermaid’s Cheek Seaweed Face Mask! The ingredients are pure, healing, and purifying. It sounds like it would be amazing for my acneic skin.
    Dream & Scheme recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: CalmMy Profile

    1. April 10, 2015 at 2:46 PM

      it’s an awesome face mask! Not a fan of the smell, but it does work really well so I can’t complain. Let me know how it goes for you if you try it out ♥

  2. PuffyBiggler
    April 11, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    I’ve never heard of this brand. I love the bath salt jar. Thanks for sharing!

    1. April 14, 2015 at 4:05 PM

      It’s a lovely brand and the products work really well – definitely recommend them! ♥

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