Detox Your Life with Pursoma Products

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Detox Your Life with Pursoma Products ♥

I recently was able to get an interview with Shannon Vaughn, the founder of Pursoma Products, a wellness brand which focuses on helping you to detox your life by ridding your body of harmful toxins that we are exposed to every second of every single day. The toxins are everywhere, especially if you live in an urban area like I do, and the culprits are, often, not what you think they are!

First off, did you know wireless radiation is a thing? Wireless radiation, in layman’s terms, is basically small amounts of radiation that our bodies are constantly coming into contact with from all kinds of sources. Many of those sources include cell phones, desktop computers, TVs, game systems, your fridge, your tablet, and even WIFI. If you think you’re exempt from this, think again. The only real way to ensure you don’t feel these effects is to move to a very remote location without power lines and live entirely off the grid with no electricity so it’s basically impossible to avoid. If you’re reading this post right now, you’re enduring some kind of wireless radiation because you’re likely on a phone, tablet or PC. The effects of this, in the moment, are microscopic, but add up over time and can tax our bodies a LOT. That’s where Pursoma products come into play.

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Pursoma products are lineup of bath and body products which seek to help rid your body of toxins, help reset and rejuvenate your system, unclog pores and treat dry skin, help you sleep better and breathe better, relieve stress, and even help you get over a cold/flu by reducing your congestion and symptoms. Since Shannon is the definite brains behind most of her products and was inspired by her own health concerns, she’s the ultimate go-to expert on how her products can improve your everyday lives and help you rid your body of the effects of wireless radiation and other harmful outside aggressors. Read her interview below to learn more about how Pursoma can help ♥


Inside the Brilliant Mind of Pursoma Founder, Shannon Vaughn

You have quite a long-standing love for heath and wellness. What first sparked your interest for improving the lives of others?

Shannon: I became unwell and was stopped literally in my tracks. I was on my bicycle and had the worst pain ever from what I later learned was an ovarian cyst. I found out that this is something that affects many women but the only treatment is a lifetime of birth control pills or surgery. I wanted to not only find a way to fix my current problem, but also to understand why this happened to me and find ways to prevent it from happening to me again or to others.

Your background in health and alternative wellness is quite extensive. What parts of your education and knowledge have you found to be the most useful while developing Pursoma products?

Shannon: My background and formal education have helped me, but I found that my own experiences on my path to wellness and hearing the stories of others and learning from their healing paths has helped me the most. It enabled me to understand what others need as a support system in order to get health, stay healthy, and prevent other illnesses.

What was your main reason and goal in creating Pursoma products?

Shannon: The goal for me was to create remedies and produce products that help combat the negative effects of urban toxicity, We strive to create products and educational resources that keep you well in the modern world.

Detox in the Pursoma sense is different from a juicing or dieting detox. How does a Pursoma detox work and how can it benefit peoples’ everyday lives?

Shannon: Detox is detox; it’s the process of removing toxicity. Pursoma products do that, but we also offer an element of rejuvenation and nourishment. A Pursoma detox works in parallel to any health, dietary or detox program someone may be on, but it can also be a rejuvenating product for someone just looking to release stress and negative energy which we all incur daily.

Pursoma products have a number of functions. From the Digital Detox, which helps detox your body of the wireless radiation often caused by electronics, to the more intensive bath cleanses which work to help detox your body of other toxins and assist with chronic fatigue, lymphatic drainage and more. If you had to choose just one, which would you say is the one product that everyone needs to have in their home?

Shannon: I love the Resurrection Bath; it has the elements of the clay and salt. Salt eases a fatigued body, and clay absorbs toxins you release. It also has algae, which has the ability to absorb toxins and is very nourishing and hydrating to the skin.

Living in this digital era of constant motion, how do you think the every day person can benefit from using Pursoma products regularly?

Shannon: I think that taking a bath needs to be thought of differently. Our products are not something you buy and save for an occasion; they’re not like taking a bubble bath, they’re like going to the gym. You should do it weekly. You have to drink a lot of water, you have to spend an hour, and it forces you to get off your phone, put down your computer, and take a break. It makes you so tired that afterwards all you want to do is go to sleep and you end up sleeping really, really well.

What other things can people do, alongside using Pursoma products, to live well and free from wireless radiation and urban toxicity while living in big cities that, often times, have the most outside aggressors?

Shannon: Make sure you take time to disconnect, from tech. I use technology constantly and have to have firm rules about disconnecting; just like I implement a healthy diet and exercise into my life, I also have to have times that I disconnect. We have 10 super easy tips on our website in the radiation awareness section that gives easy steps to practicing “safe tech.”

What, in your opinion, is the single most valuable benefit that Pursoma Products can offer people?

Shannon: You know your body best and you have the ability to heal yourself. Self-care is the most important gift you can give yourself. If you practice good health just like you practice other habits then you can be at your best. This state of health will support your mental and emotional happiness, and this is a wonderful place to be in for yourself and others around you.



  • Release heavy metals through the skin
  • Experience a slimming effect from released water weight
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Have more restful sleep
  • Counter radiation exposure (cell phones, laptops, wifi networks, etc.)
  • Boost energy for the following day
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Relieve stress


I was really fortunate to be able to try out one of the Pursoma bath products and experience it for myself. They sent me their beloved Digital Detox Bath which aims to help rid your body of toxins caused from overdoing it on the electronics. If you feel sluggish, exhausted from too much social media or time spent at your computer or if you just want to reset yourself and feel a renewed sense of energy, this is the PERFECT choice to try from the Pursoma line!

There are a few, very specific steps that you should follow before and after doing a bath detox from Pursoma and I followed them all exactly when trying this out to see how I could get the best results.


  1. Pick out a quiet night for your detox.
  2. Eat healthy that day — a light breakfast, salad for lunch and a very light dinner. AVOID sugar, dairy, soy, legumes, starchy grains, processed foods, red meat, caffeine and alcohol.
  3. Drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day.
  4. Exercise – yoga or cardio for at least 45 minutes.
  5. Dry brush the body or do a salt scrub to stimulate your circulation and rid the body of dry skin.
  6. Select a Pursoma bath or body mask — be sure to follow the instructions, making sure to note whether to rinse off or leave the product on the body.
  7. Drink 16 oz. filtered or spring water BEFORE the Pursoma detox treatment.
  8. Drink 16 oz. water AFTER the Pursoma detox treatment, while you’re resting in bed. Sweat 20 minutes!
  9. Apply pure oil (coconut, sesame, jojoba, argan) all over your body.
  10. Head straight to sleep.


These bath detoxes are unique in that they are not simple pour and soak treatments. The Digital Detox Bath, in particular, includes a sea salt mix and a clay powder mix which you pour into the bath at different times. The sea salt mix is poured into the water right after you fill up the tub. You let the salt dissolve into the water and then you pour in the clay powder mixture which you then stir into the bathwater with a spoon (they recommend a wooden one, but I used my hand which worked fine). After that, you soak for 15-20 minutes, rinse off excess clay on your skin and out of your bath, dry off and go to sleep. I admit I didn’t feel anything directly after using this detox bath, though I was exceptionally relaxed by it and I’m not sure if it was the bath or the fact that it forced me to put away all electronics and just chill out.

That being said, about 2-3 days later, I had a whole lot MORE energy than previous and felt a lot more clear than usual. I didn’t realize it until I stopped to think about it, but it’s probably due to this bath detox. I don’t know that I would splurge and buy a bunch of these to use every single day because, on average, one of these costs around $30 and that’s only enough for one time use. That being said, it made a big difference in the way I felt for the entire rest of the week and that’s kind of priceless to me. I love that these products are simply formulated with all natural, vegan, and responsibly sourced sea salts, clay, and other plant ingredients which help your body and mind feel it’s best. I would definitely buy these in the future, but I might stock up when there’s a sale because they are pricey and I don’t know that I can justify spending that much on a one-time treatment at full price. That being said, the Ocean Potion Bath and the Nasal Rinse are only $12 and $14, respectively, so those might be the ones I try next since they’re half price to the others.

You can learn more and purchase these Pursoma Detox Baths from Pursoma and The Detox Market ♥

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*PR Sample; All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and based on my own personal experience with the products. Interview answers provided by Pursoma founder and CEO, Shannon Vaughn. Affiliate links in post; not all links are affiliate.

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