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Keep Calm and Breathe Deep With Buddha Nose!

 I’m a bit obsessed with aromatherapy at the moment so when I got the chance to be sent a Buddha Nose product for review, I got pretty excited! Made with all natural wild crafted and…

21 Drops: All Your Spiritual and Emotional Needs In One Drop of Aromatherapy Goodness!

I'm super excited to share this brand, 21 Drops, an aromatherapy personal care brand with you all today! If you've ever been stressed or felt uninspired and down, you will love these!

You Have Such A Great Blog…That I Forgot to Read It! + Other PR Fail Stories

Hello! This is just a quick /rant on PRs and Brand Reps, etc. because after this happened to me for the 48908294 time, I just had to mention it. You see, I contact and/or am…