MAHALO Winter Grace Collection – Presale Event!

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MAHALO Winter Grace Collection - Presale Event is on now!

The MAHALO Winter Grace Collection Pre-Sale Event Starts Now!

Oh snap, you guys!! The MAHALO Winter Grace Collection Pre-sale starts right now and it is AH-MAY-ZING!!!
The MAHALO Winter Grace Collection includes a 5ml bottle of the otherwise exclusive to Neiman Marcus facial serum – The QUEEN EMMA’s Hawaiian beauty essence (pictured below) – ONLY available during this presale event!MAHALO Winter Grace Collection Presale Event is on now! Get the MAHALO Queen Emma as a FREE Gift!

The gorgeous Winter Grace Collection is valued at over $420, but you can snag it for only $250 which, for luxury brand MAHALO, is a freaking steal!

This coveted collection is ONLY available through the Mahalo Skincare website AND they do ship internationally so all the beauty addicts worldwide can collectively rejoice. MAHALO Winter Grace Collection - Presale Event is on now!

What You Get in the MAHALO Winter Grace Collection 

Circadian Balance Immune Boosting Aromatic Toner:

Utilizing royal Hawaiian sandalwood, this immune boosting toner boosts clarity and focus while fragonia balances circadian rhythms. Add in palo santo and patchouli for crush depression and uplift you. Blue tansy rounds out the blend and fights off seasonal colds. BOOM. To use, inhale deeply <3

Winter Grace Facial Steam:

The Winter Grace Facial Steam rejuvenates your spirit and keeps skin hydrated and dewy all winter long. Nourishing flower petals, leaves and spices calm skin inflammation, balance skin sebum, and heal skin troubles. Steep the blend in hot water, place your hand loomed Turkish steam towel over your head and the bowl. Hover your face over the blend and inhale deeply to soothe your skin and bring yourself a sense of inner calm.

Winter Grace Antioxidant Toner:

Cacao, coffee, jasmine, sandalwood, aloe, and silver ear mushroom weave together to provide ultimate antioxidant protection to your skin. Antioxidant rich hydration boosts your skin’s elasticity and delivers advanced hydration. Mist this toner lightly over skin to help reverse the premature aging effects of environmental stressors and dehydration.

Winter Grace Antioxidant Defense Serum:

A beautiful bronze-hued serum, the Winter Grace Antioxidant Defense Serum infuses precious active botanicals into your skin. Nutrient-dense oils of coffee, hazelnut, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, jojoba, hemp, rose, and cacao regenerate skin cells. Plant powered astaxanthin (65X stronger than vitamin C!), this antioxidant serum reduces premature aging, infuses skin with moisture, brightens, and firms.

Jade Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool:

The Jade gua sha facial massage tool helps all the skincare products in this collection to absorb more effectively. It also helps improve skin circulation, texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and sculpt. The collection includes detailed facial massage instructions renowned Chinese medicine practitioner and MAHALO partner, Sandra Chiu from Treatment by Lanshin.

Winter Grace Beauty Balm:

The Winter Grace Beauty Balm rounds out the collection with enzyme rich plant butters and exotic oils. A blend of cupuacu, coffee, cocoa, buriti, mafura, hazelnut, and murumuru melt into your skin for silky antioxidant protection. Deliver omega fatty acids, hydrating phytosterols, detoxifying enzymes, and potent antioxidants with every application.

Winter Grace Collection - illustration

Winter Grace Spa Ritual:


  1. Deeply inhale your Circadian Balance.
  2. Cleanse with the UNVEIL Cleansing Balm (click here to read my review) – 20% Off when purchased with the Winter Grace Collection!
  3. Steam your pores and infuse with the Winter Grace Facial Steam for 5-15 minutes (allow water to cool to comfortable temperature beforehand). 
  4. Follow with the BEAN Mask (click here to read my review) or Petal Mask (click here to read my review) – 20% Off when purchased with the Winter Grace Collection!
  5. Mist your skin lightly with the Winter Grace Antioxidant Toner, then apply the Antioxidant Defense Serum. 
  6. Follow the facial massage instructions to implement your jade gua sha into your skin ritual here, then apply your Winter Grace beauty balm.

Specials + Exclusive Deals Included with the Winter Grace Collection: 

They are also offering 3 products at 20% discount when you buy The Winter Grace collection – The Unveil, The Bean and The Petal Mask. You’ll get 20% Off clean when you use Coupon Code: WinterGrace at checkout – ONLY when purchased with the collection! That’s on top of the FREE gift of the Queen Emma beauty essence!

It’s insane how many deals they are stacking on top of all purchases that include this incredible limited edition collection. As if that’s not enough, you will also get coupon codes to reorder any individual products that you run out of, a booklet with a customized spa ritual that includes gua sha facial massage tips, and so much more!

Click Here Now to get yours while the pre-sale deal and this beautiful collection lasts!

The pre-sale event is from November 11-18th. Get it while you can still snag all these amazing free gifts, coupon codes, and other incredible extras! It is sure to sell out STAT!

Get the Winter Grace Collection while you can <3

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3 thoughts on “MAHALO Winter Grace Collection – Presale Event!

  1. December 8, 2017 at 5:40 PM

    This is such an awesome pre-sale event! I’ve heard so many good things about Mahalo, and I was hoping to try out their new collection. I will definitely be checking this out!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. December 20, 2017 at 11:14 AM

      it is so lovely and MAHALO always make the best collections! Snatch it up soon if you want it; they’re usually quite limited! Happy holidays to you, Sheree! xx

  2. January 6, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    I’ve not heard of this brand in Australia but thank you for sharing the collection with us at #BloggersPitStop.

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