Hynt Beauty Review

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Hynt Beauty Review

Hynt Beauty Review

I’m really very late on this Hynt Beauty review and, for that, I sincerely apologize. It’s not that I haven’t absolutely LOVED using these products because I have. It’s just that I was burnt out on writing reviews. Much as I love trying new things, it can start to feel a bit repetitive after awhile. Alas, I have loved using these so much and find myself reach for them over and over again so here I am, at long last, with my thoughts 🙂

I want to quickly mention that I received the eye shadow trio from Hynt Beauty in exchange for sharing my thoughts, but I purchased their concealer with my own cash so THERE 😛

The Hynt Beauty Story

After conquering breast cancer, Meryl made the decision to use only the highest performing, organic, safe, and carcinogen-free cosmetics to ensure nothing toxic would touch her skin again. After the market disappointed her, she dug in deep to learn all that she could about ingredient safety and product formulation in the hopes of launching her own brand. And guess what? She’s done just that. Hynt Beauty is not only non-toxic, organic, and cruelty-free, but the products are highly pigmented, beautiful, and comparable to other luxury cosmetic brands sans the nasties.

Hynt Beauty Review - Storybook Apothecary

Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer

The Hynt Beauty Concealer has quickly become one of my favorite organic makeup bases! There some pretty decent color shades available. The formula utilizes natural plant oils and waxes including cupuacu butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera to help heal, hydrate, soothe, and smooth skin. The pigmentation on this is incredible. It’s perfect for using as a concealer because it really does cover. You can also employ it as a full coverage foundation, if you want. I thin mine out with a drop of face oil as I find it to be quite thick when used that way. The glass jar is great for applying small amounts. You really don’t need much as the pigmentation is great in tiny applications.

Aside from that, this concealer is the winner of multiple awards over the past 2 years. The formula is vegan, PETA-approved (if you’re into that), all natural, and free of toxins and petrochemicals. I’d love to see more skincare ingredients added to the formula, but it’s a winner for me nonetheless.

Learn more and purchase a DUET Concealer for yourself at Safe & Chic <3

Hynt Beauty Swatches

Hynt Beauty Eyeshadow Trio – Sweet Canyon

My other favorite from Hynt Beauty is the stunning SUITE Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Canyon. The shades are ideal for autumn. If you’re not that great at putting single colors together on your own, then eye shadow trios will simplify things. The colors embody fall leaves on my face. And you know, that’s a goal of mine. 😛

These palettes are formulated with gentle, skincare ingredients such as natural clays and jojoba oil. They are smooth, creamy and pigmented. The colors included in this trio: a natural cream color, a stunning shimmery burnt orange/rust color, and a matte taupe/brown. The latter gives depth and shadow to the look. It’s all very straightforward. All SUITE palettes come with a double ended mini brush. All eye shadows are cruelty-free, vegan, natural, and gluten-free as well.

Learn more and purchase the SUITE Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Canyon at Safe & Chic <3

Hynt Beauty Makeup Look

Hynt Beauty Makeup Look

Here’s a quick makeup look I did the other day utilizing the colors in the Sweet Canyon palette. The swatches don’t do it justice. Colors are super pigmented, subtle, and beautiful for autumn. To get the full details on this look, check out this Instagram post.

Have You Tried Hynt Beauty? 

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