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Here you will find a collection of my favorite Halloween things which includes a number of creepy, cute, spooky, and fun Halloween things! Halloween makeup picks, Halloween fashion, Halloween decor and accessories, a few Halloween costumes and check below for my favorite Halloween horror movies!


(Halloween…HALLOWEEN! LALALALALALALALAAA! #Iamalunatic #Iamokaywiththis)



This section of the shop is where I’m sharing all things Halloween beauty! This means I’m sharing a little fall skincare, fall makeup, and tons of Halloween makeup and Halloween nails for costumes. I’ve personally used all the makeup I referenced here, though not all of it is green beauty, but some of it is cruelty-free and vegan so keep that in mind. If you want only natural and non-toxic Halloween makeup, check here.


halloween fashion

 This section of the shop focuses on all things Halloween fashion, costumes and accessories! I’ve scoured the web to find awesome pick for Halloween fashion that you can wear all through October (and beyond, if you’re like me!) as well as a few costume options, and tons of accessories like bags, shoes and more!


halloween decor

This section of the Halloween shop is where I’m sharing my favorites for Halloween decor and Halloween party supplies! This includes skull glasses, all things bats, witches, boil, toil and trouble; that sort of thing 😉


the corpse bride - halloween movies

This last section of the Halloween shop is a collection of my favorite horror movies, Halloween family movies, and films I enjoy watching around this time of year. I’ve included a mix of scary and not-so-scary picks that I love because I wanted there to be something for everyone, both the horror-obsessed loon and the scaredy cats who want something more fun that freaky 😉 I got you covered!

What’s Your Favorite Item from the Halloween Shop?

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*Please Note: Affiliate links are included on this page; Affiliate links are when you click on a product, purchase something through the link, and then I get a small commission (10% or less). It doesn’t cost you a thing; it ensures the brand or shop gives me a small percentage for sharing the love. Also, it helps with hosting costs, blog redesign, future magical endeavors, and the occasional organic blush and pair of new shoes. Everyone needs cute shoes 😛

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