Your Go-To For Luxury Summer Beauty: Introducing, Une Nuit A Bali, A Luxury Fragrance and Body Care Line

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Recently, I was sent some mini samples of this kit from Une Nuit A Bali, a lovely luxury line of all natural fragrances and body care which are both beautiful to behold, but also to use! The name, Une Nuit A Bali, actually means “one night in Bali” and it truly embodies the feel and look of an exotic, luxury vacation!

The gift set comes with a Massage Powder, an Intense Exfoliating Scrub, and a Dry Oil all in the same exquisite scent. The massage powder is super soft, fine and lightly scented which makes it perfect as a light deodorant replacement during beach days even though it doesn’t actually say to use it like that. Since it’s formulated with all natural rice powder, it’s also perfect as a skin mattifier or setting powder to keep oil at bay on hot days. The scrub is made with a mixture of pulverized coconut, bamboo stalk and orange curd as well as the light essential oil fragrance so it’s perfect for deeply exfoliating skin on the body. The mixture, at first sight, looks really quite rough, but it’s very easy to use and exfoliates the skin without much effort. The natural oils in are super moisturizing while they slough off dead skin cells and also include the same lovely fragrance as the other products so there’s a lot of synergy when using all the products together. The dry oil is incredible to use straight out of the shower because, on damp skin, it seriously softens and absorbs into the skin while hydrating every inch of your body. I was surprised that, considering this is a dry oil, it actually moisturizes really nicely. You can also use it as an intense hair treatment by saturating hair with the oil, leaving in overnight and then rinsing it out in the morning. It softly infuses hair with this delicious scent while also adding shine, volume and softness to strands. The treatment is perfect after a day at the beach!


The last item I tried out was the perfume from this line and although it’s heart notes are the same as the essential oils of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang used in the body products, the rest of this fragrance is a bit more fleshed out and complex. Other notes included in are surprising and unexpected with scents like grapefruit, saffron, amber, vanilla and sandalwood as well as a few others for a very earthy, tropical luxurious fragrance.

This line is so perfect for anyone wanting to treat themselves before going on vacation (holiday) because it’s very simple, but has such a luxurious, exotic feel to it. It will absolutely get you in the right mood for any tropical trip!

You can get the gift set or any of the items separately and the lovely fragrance at Beautyhabit.

Have You Tried Any Products from Une Nuit A Bali? 

What Products or Scents Feel Like Vacation or Summer to You?

♥ Tianna

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