Yoshi, the Picky Dog + HardyPet Blue Box Review

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Yoshi – Our Picky Dog – Finally Found A Pet Brand He Likes ♥

HardyPet Blue Box Review

My dog, Yoshi, has always been a really picky dog. Unlike Saki, our other dog, who will literally eat paper if you leave it lying around too long, Yoshi has very particular tastes. My boyfriend and I constantly joke that he’s on the “low carb” diet or watching his svelte figure because it’s so hard to get him to eat his food, let alone dog snacks or supplements. I’m always trying to get him to try new things, whether it’s the cute snacks at Petsmart or on Etsy, but he never seems to like anything. The funny part is, he loves steak and if I happen to have a cookie in my hand, he will not leave me alone ( please do not feed your dogs cookies! They cannot digest the sugar ). So, when HardyPet offered to send me their HardyPet Blue Box for review, I literally jumped at the chance that Yoshi might like their products and I’m so glad I did!


About HardyPet

HardyPet is special in a lot of ways which is why I chose to write about them. First off, they’re one of the only natural pet wellness companies I came across who have a 100% guarantee behind their products, who have backed the quality of their ingredients and hold them to seriously high standards, and who offer a comprehensive breakdown of the ingredients included in products and how they can benefit your pets.

HardyPet began in 2004 after several leading veterinarians and rescue shelter organizations got together to figure out how they could improve the overall health of abandoned or surrendered pets that they frequently dealt with in order to increase their likelihood of adoption to new families. It was a very common occurrence for them to deal with animals who had been abandoned or surrendered to them and were commonly in poor health. To address this issue and help these pets quickly find new homes, the organizations and veterinarians partnered up to research the best natural and holistic ways to treat pet issues that they dealt with on a day-to-day basis. They focused on 4 main areas of pet health: Skin and Coat conditions, Joint health and mobility, Immune system function, and Digestive health. After over 4 years of research and development, this led to their first star product – HardyPet Complete. Originally, this product was developed specifically for veterinarians, pet clinics, and rescue shelters, but later become available for sale directly to pet owners looking to improve and maintain their pet’s health.

Click here to learn more about the HardyPet Story


Included in the HardyPet Blue Box:

  • HardyPet Complete – This is a kind of multivitamin for pets. This was a product that HardyPet says was originally designed to help quickly rehabilitate rescue animals in shelters in order to help increase their chances for being adopted. This multivitamin is formulated with over 40 pharmaceutical grade ingredients including holistic natural compounds, amino acids and broad spectrum vitamins which are aimed at helping your pet be the healthiest they can be. It’s benefits include helping prevent a number of common pet issues like hair loss, itchiness, joint conditions, low immunity, and works to help improve and maintain heart health, joint health, skin conditions, and also promotes healthy digestion. All the dogs enjoyed this one! I was surprised when Yoshi took it and ate it without a problem – believe me, that NEVER happens! LOL. Saki ate it, of course, and the other dogs did do (my boyfriend’s mom is a Brussels Griffon breeder so she has 3 dogs herself).
  • HardyPet Canine PRO6 – This product is the only probiotic designed specifically for dogs. All other canine probiotics either have few, too many or the wrong probiotic strains, according to HardyPet and this specific formula is specially made for a dog’s unique digestive system. It contains a combination of 6 different probiotic strains specifically meant to help improve a dog’s overall health and digestion as almost all dogs are under constant attack from candida, yeast overgrowth, etc. If your dog frequently experiences diarrhea, nonseasonal coat shedding, frequent ear infections, or has trouble maintaining a healthy weight, this might be a good supplement to try! This was one that the dogs ate with a little encouragement from me, but I don’t think it was as appetizing to them, if I’m honest. I’ll report back after a few months of using this to see if I see any different in their coat, overall health, etc.
  • HardyPet Premium Fish Oil – This product is specifically designed for dogs and includes a top quality fish oil sourced domestically here in the USA from sustainable fish species. It includes a specialized EPA/DHA balance and the DPA difference, a less common fatty acid complex, which can all help with inflammation in dogs. The fish oil works to improve and maintain the health of a dog’s skin, joints, kidneys, and heart as well as healthy triglyceride levels. In puppies, it helps with brain and eye development and can also help pregnant dogs during gestation (pregnancy) and lactation after the puppies are born. Aside from helping the inside health of the dog, fish oil can also improve the appearance of their coat (makes it shinier and healthier) and also improve skin condition. This was easy enough to use because I just mixed it into their regular dog food and they ate it without a problem. It just smells like any old fish oil that you or I would supplement with. I’ll report back on any coat improvements as a lot of the dogs shed a lot so I’ll let you know if their coat is shinier, etc.
  • HardyChew All Natural Antler Chews – HardyChews are formulated from antlers, a bone-like material rich in  calcium and phosphorous, and which are beneficial for bone, teeth, gums and coat health in dogs. These dog chews are all natural, odorless, contain no additives or preservatives, are allergen-free, and long-lasting. In pregnant dogs, these chews can help with milk production, but all dogs will see improvements in overall heart, muscle, vision, and metabolic health. While I loved the idea of these and I was super excited to have Yoshi try them out as he loves raw hide, the ones HardyPet sent me were medium sized and much too big to give my little dog. I’m hoping I can pick up some of the smaller ones because this was huge and I think he would like them if he got a chance to try them out as raw hides are the one thing he never says no to haha. That being said, I handed these off to my step dad who has a Bull Mastiff named Diesel and he said he loved it!


My Thoughts on HardyPet Products

 I had both of my dogs try these out. Saki isn’t really a good example because she will eat anything, including trash and she has a strange obsession with carrots. She bit my boyfriend’s finger just last week because he took too long to give her the carrot piece she wanted. He’s still mad at her. Yoshi, on the other hand, is a lot more picky than she is so he’s probably a better judge of whether these were good or not and he really enjoyed them! This is the dog that literally has trouble eating his own food on a day to day basis and he had no trouble eating all the supplements, albeit some of them needed a little encouragement. I’m just thrilled he ate the HardyPet Complete without much trouble because I think he will definitely benefit from it. After trying these out, he does seem to be looking healthier than usual, but it’s only been about a little over a week so I will report back after a few months when I’m sure I’ll see more of a difference. He doesn’t have any real issues, in the first place, so it’s hard to say how these supplements would do if your pet has some specific issue that needs addressing.


That being said, I really do think these natural supplements will help improve his overall health and I’m excited to see how many more benefits he can gain from long term use of these. I would certainly recommend these to friends and have even converted my boyfriend’s mom who breeds Brussels Griffons and is frequently on the hunt of good pet supplements for when her dogs are pregnant and/or nursing puppies. She’s definitely a great breeder and she has tons of experience with pet products so I know if she approves of HardyPet products, then these are definitely something good and will keep using them for my dogs in the future. I’ll report back in a few months with new findings, if any 😀

What Do You Think of HardyPet Products?

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*Affiliate Banner; This post was sponsored by HardyPet Products, a natural pet wellness company whose aim it is to help all pets in shelters find good health and good homes and all pet owners care for their pets in the best way possible. All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and based on my own personal experience with said products.

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14 thoughts on “Yoshi, the Picky Dog + HardyPet Blue Box Review

  1. February 27, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    What a cutie! glad you found something he likes. Fred likes pretty much everything. He ate the rest of my buckwehat the other day since I had a little too much haha I’m pretty sure roasted chicken is his fav though
    Helene @healthyfrenchie recently posted…FF: Ahoy sailor!My Profile

    1. February 27, 2015 at 1:18 PM

      thanks Helene! I know! Honestly, he is the pickiest dog EVER. I am so glad he likes these vitamins, for the most part, and I love the company’s ethos of helping animals in shelters to find homes. That makes it better to support them, in my opinion, you know? Freddie is such a cutie too! He seems like he has such an easy going personality haha. Chicken is every dog’s favorite or so it seems haha. have a nice weekend!

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