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Want to Work With Me?

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me! 

My Blog Services:

Sponsored Content

This includes, but is not limited to, writing a single (or multiple) post featuring your brand on my blog and/or social media platforms. Sponsored content is a great option if you’re new to the market, launching a new product or line, or want to get readers in my niche familiar with your brand and products.

NEW! Custom Brand Campaigns

Custom brand campaigns are similar to sponsored content, but take it a step further. The campaigns include a 3-pronged approach to creating content, spreading the word on social, and building engagement with readers.

It’s a great option if you want to stand out in a particular season (like Halloween, the holidays, spring or summer, etc.). If you are launching a new products, are new to the market, or want to get people excited about what you’re doing or what you’ve created, this may also be for you!

Please note that brand campaigns are limited and exclusive.

Once the spots fill up for that quarter, they’re gone. I don’t want to sell out my readers or overwhelm them with too many sponsored posts or campaigns at once. It would diminish brand campaigns overall effectiveness and I personally want to keep brand campaigns to only the VERY best of the best.

All brand campaigns are carefully selected by me to ensure they are the perfect fit for my blog and something readers would genuinely enjoy and find useful.

Social Media and Newsletter Shout Outs

Social media shout outs are simple and are a great way to help increase buzz and spread the word even more about your latest products, news, or contests in a direct way on a social media platform of your choice.

Newsletter shout outs are similar, but reach directly into the inbox of my most loyal readers and share exclusive content. I prefer to share more insider tips, behind the scenes, and interviews to give a more intimate connection with your brand and products.

Social Media Shout Outs Are Available for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook.

Brand Endorsements

Brand endorsements are even more selective than my brand campaigns. They are only considered if/when I’ve worked with a brand several times on other campaigns and truly believe in their brand/products.

Please keep this in mind when approaching me for endorsement as I prefer to build long term, authentic relationships with brands and shops before committing to any kind of brand endorsement.

Design Collaborations

Product design collaborations are something I have yet to do, but would love to create a product or bring a cool product idea to life with a brand or shop that I love!

Instagram / Snapchat Takeovers

I love collaborating with others in the social media world. I’m always up to connect with new people! Doing fun, themed instagram or snapchat takeovers is a brilliant way to do just that 🙂

My Freelance Services:


Although I’m now primarily a blogger, I started out as a freelance writer. I’ve always loved writing and often did a “side hustle” writing articles online. I have over 6 years experience writing for various niches including beauty, health and wellness, lifestyle, entertainment, and many others.

Blogger Outreach

Want to connect with bloggers in your niche? I’m happy to help you with reaching out to small and medium sized bloggers. They can help build excitement and interaction with your brand on social media and blogs.

Content Strategy Plans

Looking for a content strategy plan for your brand? I can help you plan and coordinate topics, create content, and social media strategies. These are great to have when you want to promote your brand and get noticed in your niche.

Social Media Plans

Need help with social media? Let me help you craft up a social media plan for reaching out to potential (and existing) customers. Doing so is ideal for creating organic engagement and connections with them.

Social Media + Content Management

Too busy to manage your social calendar? Let me help keep you on track online!

Digital Content Marketing and Social Media Consultation

Completely lost when it comes to content marketing? Creating the right kind content to attract your target audience, craft up a social media POA (plan of action) is VITAL to growing your business and I can help. Let’s chat on Skype!

Come work with me on a campaign or partner to create effective strategies for your business online!

You can reach me at

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