What Is Imbolc? + How to Celebrate Imbolc

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What Is Imbolc? + How to Celebrate Imbolc - Wiccan Sabbats

What Is Imbolc?

Imbolc is one of the greater sabbats in Wicca. I’m always excited to celebrate Imbolc because it’s the perfect time to plant seeds – literally and figuratively. Imbolc is derived from the Gaelic word, oimelc which means “ewe’s milk” as it was traditionally a time for milking sheep. This sabbat is a fire festival. It has a lot to do with the long winter days finally getting shorter and the first light of spring showing it’s face. For Wiccans, it’s a time of renewal and we are welcoming the Sun God back as well as recognizing the Goddess’ growing power and fertility. Also called St. Brigid’s Day, common symbols include Brigid’s Cross, corn dollies, and wheat stalks. You may also know Imbolc as Groundhog’s Day, Candlemas, Feast of Pan, Lupercalia, or Midwinter. In paganism, maiden goddesses are honored such as Brigid, Aradia, Athena, Gaia, Februa, and gods of love and fertility.

What Is Imbolc?

For all the new Wiccans and pagans, I decided to share some fun ways to celebrate this sabbat.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Light A Bunch of Candles + Unplug From Technology

A great way to celebrate what is traditionally a festival of lights or a fire festival is by lighting up some candles. Personally, I’ll be using only candlelight for the entire evening of Imbolc. I’ll also be unplugging from technology completely in order to reconnect with myself and the earth. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of life. We can lose sight of ourselves and our goals. I’m taking this time to ground and center myself and reestablish my intentions for 2017.

Bake Bread and/or Dairy Infused Baked Goods

These is a heavy influence on wheat and dairy during this time as, historically, this time of year was when food stores were dwindling. People relied on dairy and wheat to sustain them so baking with dairy products or making braided bread are very common among pagans and Wiccans for Imbolc. Popular foods include any kind of seeds, braided bread, poppy seed muffins, scones, and spiced wines.

Set Up An Imbolc Altar and Do An Imbolc Ritual

And, of course, setting up an altar for Imbolc is a great idea! Candle wheels are popular as is any kind of wheat. Popular colors include red, pink, yellow, white, brown, and green so those are great to include in your altar. As far as spiritual activities, you can go on a hike and look for signs of spring, make ice lanterns (if it snows where you live!), lighting a bonfire, making a Bride’s bed, making wands, and doing simple rituals to give thanks, dedicate yourself to the God/Goddess, and doing some spells to give yourself an edge on your goals for the season or year. Simple Imbolc rituals include taking a ritual cleansing bath, prayer and meditation to your deities as well as offerings, and enjoying a simple meal with family and friends. Herbs of Imbolc include myrrh, basil, cinnamon, blackberry, violets, heather, and tansy.

Do You Celebrate Imbolc? 

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