Weekend Getaway – San Diego, CA

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Happy Friday Lovelies!

I just wanted to do a quick post about my skincare travel essentials. Obviously, depending on where you go, your travel essentials will be different. This weekend, I’ll be traveling about an hour and a half away to visit my boyfriend’s sister in San Diego for the weekend so I’ve included sun care products, sea salt coconut hair spray, shimmer lotion, and face and body oils.So, here’s a quick look at what I’ll be taking with me this weekend. This isn’t including my makeup products as I keep them in a separate cosmetic pouch when traveling and I didn’t want to make this post ridiculously long. If you’re curious, maybe I’ll post a snapshot on IG if I have time so follow me @StorybookBeauty if you’re curious 😛

Weekend Getaway – San Diego, CA

Travel Skincare Essentials

One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil

I just purchased this recently so no review yet, but so far I’m loving it! It smells lovely, just like the Vitamin B Cleansing Oilreview here, and hydrates better than most body oils.

EcoLogical Sunscreen SPF 30 for Bodyreview here

I did a review on this ages ago, but it’s a great natural sunscreen that goes on really easily with minimal white cast. It’s enriched with plant ingredients and plant oils so it’s actually quite hydrating and protective.

Living Libations Healthy Gum Drops

These are great for brushing your teeth with and they’re all natural so they clean your teeth, nourish your gums, and fight inflammation and bacteria using natural plant oils.

Curaprox Extra Soft Toothbrush

I haven’t done a review on this, but if you want one, just request it in the comments and I’ll try to make it happen. This is a toothbrush I picked up from Beautyhabit awhile ago and I LOVE it! It has super densely packed bristles, but is also really soft and gentle on teeth and gums. My teeth tend to be really sensitive when it comes to oral care products, including toothbrushes, so I really like this. Also, despite being more expensive than drugstore varieties, this one is a lot longer lasting and does not lose it’s shape like most toothbrushes do in a few months time.

M.Steves RHSO Ultra-Nourishing Boost

This is a lovely additive to any skincare routine. Whether you need more moisture in your creams or simply want a multi-tasking beauty oil, this is a great choice. It’s in a base of rosehip oil and really does boost the hydration and nourishment of any product. There are so many ways to use it, but I keep it on hand just in case I run out of cleanser or face oil and it works great.

Kahina Brightening Serumreview here

This serum is so lovely! It’s really light on the skin, but surprisingly hydrating and includes many potent plant ingredients to help treat discoloration and pigmentation in the skin. It’s brilliant at brightening skin and a wonderful light moisturizer to use during the summer.

Kahina Eye Serum review here

This eye serum is one of the better ones I’ve found that’s somewhere between a cream and a serum. Most eye serums seem just be face oils in disguise, in my experience, but this actually feels like a very light watery cream. It’s great for people like me with sensitive eye areas that need hydration, not breakouts.

Kahina Night Creamreview here

I actually thought I wouldn’t like this cream, but ended up really liking it. Despite being a night cream, it’s not heavy at all. The cream is kind of thick, but it’s not greasy and doesn’t leave a film. It’s the kind of cream that actually feels hydrating, but doesn’t feel oily on the skin and it’s packed full of regenerating plant ingredients to help rejuvenate, repair, soften and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Despite being a cream, I actually think it’s fine to use in the summer – a little goes a long way.

Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine Oil

This is a really interesting product because it includes a lot of ingredients meant to help your protect your skin and also help it tolerate the sun a bit better. There are a TON of antioxidant ingredients in it, including ones you’d never expect like turmeric which help protect your skin and soak up the vitamin D goodness at the same time. I like using this in tandem with a sunscreen, otherwise if it’s cloudy, I’ve occasionally used this on it’s own.

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butterreview here

This is an oldie, but a goodie! First off, it smells INCREDIBLE. If you’re a fan of coconut tropical type scents, this one is for you! It smells so delicious and it’s really hydrating to skin. It includes fine bronze micas and you only need the smallest amount to get some nice shimmery color. I LOVE this stuff for everyday in the summer. If it’s a special occasion or I want to look especially good, I opt for my favorite – The Good Stuff Radiance Oil – but for regular summer weekends, this body butter is a lot more cost effective.

Kari Gran Lip Whip in Radiantreview here

This is one of my favorite lip balm/gloss hybrids out there. It’s green, clean, and leaves a lovely light gloss on the lips while still hydrating, protecting, and nourishing your lips. I mostly love using this at night for lip repair and softening, but it’s a nice product to just pop on if you don’t feel like putting on a lip color. This color is limited edition so definitely pick one up before they run out!

Rainwater Botanicals Coconut Sea Salt Sprayreview here

I love this sea salt spray as it smells divine (like coconut and ocean!) and it really gives my hair beautiful soft beach waves with little effort. As someone who barely figured out how to blow out her hair last year (yeah I’m serious), I like a product that does it’s job with very little effort on my part. I want things to just magically work on their own and that’s what this does. You can use it on wet hair straight out of the shower, on dry hair as is, or even at the beach anytime you like. It works wonderfully and it hand crafted here in the USA by the wonderful people at RB who make seriously fantastic products.



Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Because I’ll be going to San Diego, I thought I’d share a few fun travel ideas for those of you who may be traveling there this summer. There are a TON of things to do, of course, but here are a few things I think are cool if you’ve never been and want to really experience it.

Sea World

If you have kids, this is a great place to take them. I went there tons of times as a kid, but bring lots of sunscreen. No matter what, I always get a crazy sunburn when I go, despite packing on the sunscreen so bring a nice spray variety and spray yourself and your kids every hour. If you’re not about seeing marine animals in captivity (which I’m not after seeing this documentary), then you can always go whale watching which is much more affordable and fun, in my opinion. You basically go out on a boat with a group at peak whale watching times and try to see if you can spot them! You can do this at almost any beach harbor and it’s really fascinating to see them up close! Also, occasionally, you’ll see sea otters and dolphins, but it just depends on the day, weather, location, etc.

San Diego Zoo / Wild Animal Park

This is another wildlife park that is great for kids. Again, I’m not about that as documentaries have chattered my childhood innocence about them, but if you want your kids to experience it – no judgment. There are a TON of wild animals to be seen from birds to gorillas to zebras, lions, and other exotic animals and it is a really cool experience.

Kayaking in La Jolla

I’ve never personally done this, but Groupon and LivingSocial have a TON of deals for this all the time. I’ll probably go sometime as it seems really awesome! They often have tours that take you through caves as well which sounds really cool and I know a lot of people who’ve done it and really enjoyed it.


There are a lot of great coffee shops in SD, many of which are actually award-winning, so if you enjoy coffee, some great ones to check out are Caffe Calabria, Caffe Italia, Influx, Lestat’s Coffee, Cafe Mono, and/or Pappalecco. I haven’t been to all of them, but they’re always topping award charts for best coffee in SD.

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk in San Diego is a great place to just hang out and enjoy the ambiance of the beach and SD life. It’s a great place to chill or take a nice walk at sunrise/sunset.


Downtown is always pretty packed, but there are a ton of great restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and things to check out. There’s even a few really historical buildings to see, including an old 1900’s hotel that’s rumored to be haunted. You can take this midnight tour (I think it’s at midnight LOL) which takes you around the most haunted places in the area. I’ve never done it, but my boyfriend and his sister did it and said it’s great if you enjoy paranormal stuff. Lastly, if you enjoy Italian food, you MUST check out their Little Italy!


There are tons of beaches in San Diego, but my favorites are probably Coronado, Ocean Beach and Mission Beach. There’s also Moonlight Beach which is supposed to be a great place for photos. Take your pick – they’re all variably nice. My only advice is to avoid anything near Chula Vista which tends to be really ghetto LOL.

What Are Your Plans For the Weekend?

♥ Tianna

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