Your Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide

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Because the weather has finally turned cold and it’s officially winter, I thought I would share my top picks for the best nourishing winter skincare products in my beauty arsenal. There are a TON of products out there which claim to help with dryness, inflammation, and even acne during this cold time of year, but many are ineffective. I’ve tried, tested, and repurchased all of these in my line up. Every product in this guide and the linked articles are KEEPERS! So, if you’re looking to stock up on some tried-and-true hydrating face mists, creams, face oils, and nourishing balms for the winter, these are the best of the best.

Your Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide

may lindstrom skin - jasmine garden mist

The Best Organic Face Mists

The best organic face mists can make a HUGE difference to the hydration levels of your skin. The ones that are concentrated (meaning not 90% water + 10% floral waters and extracts) and include potent ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, floral extracts and hydrosols (waters from the plant) are wonderful for soothing your skin and holding moisture to your skin. These mists also help to increase the efficiency of all your favorite oils and balms as well. In order for your skin to hold onto moisture (water), we NEED to first apply a water-inclusive product BEFORE applying our balms or oils. Otherwise, your skin will still feel dry even if you apply a thousand balms a day. So, applying a toner or water based serum or cream BEFORE you apply any oils or balms will hold that hydration in (which is exactly what we want!).

Best Uses:

  • Applying before creams, oils and balms to help hold in hydration
  • Refresh your skin / makeup throughout the day
  • Soothe inflammation, breakouts, and redness
  • Nourish skin and lightly hydrate it
  • Give your skin a potent does of skin nutrients

zyderma hs cream review

The Best Natural Face Creams (for Irritated Skin)

Natural face creams are a wonderful addition to your winter skin routine if you prefer creams and want to focus on both hydrating your skin AND treating it (for acne, inflammation, or simply giving your skin more glow). It’s a great water based way to keep your skin nourished if you’re someone who doesn’t like oils or balms (for whatever reason).

Best Uses:

  • Hydrating skin if you prefer to avoid oils and balms (not sure why you would, but there it is!)
  • Treat acne, inflammation, or even out skin tone while hydrating it
  • Nourish skin using a water based product so it’s absorbed easily

The Best Organics Face Oils for Every Skin Type

The Best Organic Face Oils 

For those who want healing, soothing, and skin hydration all in one, organic face oils are a GREAT choice! This is because oils and balms are more concentrated in ingredients. Since they are undiluted with water, they offer your skin a host of potent skin vitamins that are wonderful for soothing inflammation (redness, acne, etc.), healing any existing scars or discoloration, and also skin hydration (thanks to the amazing blend of oils). Paired with a balm or cream and a legit face mist, these are an unstoppable force in your winter skin routine!

Best Uses:

  • Soothing inflammation, redness, and breakouts
  • Healing skin issues such as acne scarring, dark spots, and discoloration
  • Giving your skin a healthy glow
  • Hydrating and nourishing your skin with vitamins and nutrients
  • Prepping your skin for makeup application (Especially serum foundations! You can also mix a little oil into any foundation formula for more hydration as well.)

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The Best Organic Balms

Last, but certainly not least, are organic balms. Balms are great because, like oils, they have high concentrations of plant ingredients that are rich in skin-loving nutrients. The blend of plant butters, oils, extracts, and essences are wonderful for healing and soothing your skin at night. They’re not very practical for day time use, but they are incredibly valuable as a last step in your nighttime skin routine. That said, you can use them to prep your skin for serum makeup or something; I love using balms for that as they tend to smooth and hydrate your skin well so serum foundations like the one by Gressa won’t settle into dry patches (if you have any). Just make sure you use a SMALL amount to avoid making your skin look too oily. The amount should be no bigger than dime size. Your skin will get the benefits without making you look too shiny or feeling heavy. Other uses for balms include using them on dry lips and eyes, skin irritations, or as a moisture mask. You can use them on dry spots before showering to prevent moisture loss. They can even be used on areas of your body, hands or feet that need a little extra TLC.

Best Uses:

  • Deeply nourishing skin with vitamins and nutrients
  • Hydrating skin with plant butters and oils
  • As a deeply moisturizing night treatment
  • Soothing inflammation, redness, and acne
  • As a hydrating face mask or overnight treatment
  • Prep your skin for makeup application (wonderful for preventing foundations from settling into dry patches).
  • On dry lips, eyes, feet, hands, and other dry areas.
  • Apply onto dry areas of body before a hot shower to help retain moisture

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Other Things to Try this Winter:

Check out my Fall Beauty Guide for more cold weather skincare and makeup tips!

What Are Your Favorites for Winter Skincare?

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      I’m glad you think so, Denise! Hope they help you and your daughters out this winter 🙂

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    A great guide and as a lover of Organic things and natural living I am delighted to have found your list

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      I know! My lips and face are so dry this year! Hope you’ve found some good products to try and help keep your skin happy 😀 Thanks for visiting, Shelbee! xx

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