Truly American Made Organic Skin Care – Introducing Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

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I’m really excited today to share a new beauty brand with you all today – Lily Farm Fresh Skincare!

I was super happy to receive these products for review recently and test them out to great effect, but this brand isn’t just any organic skincare brand.

All of their products are made in-house, in the USA, on their USDA Certified Organic Farm in Colorado!

What’s more is that since their products are all grown and formulated in the same place, they actually maintain more concentrated ingredients since they don’t travel halfway around the world before they get to you. Also, the ingredients are not processed beyond recognition and they are the ultimate in sustainability when it comes to beauty given that they do all the growing of the ingredients right on their very own USDA organic farm.

As if that’s not enough, they have many other unsurpassed achievements. They are the only skincare company that exists which you can purchase directly from the organic grower of the ingredients which are in the products.

They are the only skincare company that has obtained the 3 USDA organic certifications of USDA certified organic farm, USDA certified organic laboratory, and USDA certified organic products. 

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care began with one woman’s , Lily, vision for fresh, organic beauty products which help your skin live up to it’s fullest potential, with all natural beauty products. Lily is a 7th generation American farmer, since before the American Revolution, and she has been paving the way for sustainable, organic farming and beauty since 1986.

To learn more about their mandate, goals and origins, check here.

They offer a wide variety of products for every skin type and concern and I was very fortunate to try out 2 of her lovely products this past month or so!

Balancing Facial Toner 3.4 Oz

Balancing Facial Toner

The first product I tried out was their Balancing Facial Toner. This toner smells super refreshing, herbal and pleasant without being too overwhelming. The scent, itself, is very relaxing and calming. It helps to balance oiliness on my skin as well as help calm redness. One thing I really love about this toner is that it’s super refreshing to use in the heat. It’s been so hot here in California (90-100F) that it’s been nearly unbearable so I’ve kept this toner in the fridge for that extra cooling effect. Not only has this kept my skin refreshed, but it’s kept it from getting overly oily or dry and also kept that splotchy redness at bay as well.

Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask - 1.6 Oz

Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask

The second product I was able to try out was their Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask. This face mask is meant to brighten, slough off dead skin, balance oil production, and heal your skin. The mask feels very cooling going on, especially if kept in the fridge, and has a very similar herbal scent to the toner. It’s a bit of a gel-like consistency and feels very hydrating on the skin. There is no pain or irritation when using this mask so I highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. The effects are subtle, but increase with continued use. I really love how soft this made my skin and how it was able to calm minor breakouts and redness. I would mostly use this when my skin was irritated, but you could use it as a weekly exfoliating mask if you have particularly sensitive or dry skin. It would also work really well for those with oily or imbalanced complexions.

Overall, I really love these products from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care! I love how incredible they feel on the skin and the fact that they are made so naturally. They have such amazing ethics and it’s especially impressive that the products are made in the same location where they are organically grown so there’s no need to source anything as everything comes from the same place. They are very effective, but gently instead of the usual chemical abrasiveness of conventional products. I highly recommend these products to anyone who is trying to live an eco green lifestyle with sustainability and minimal carbon footprint while also keeping their products as natural, fresh and organic as possible.

You can see all the Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products – here.

What Do You Think of Organic & Sustainable Beauty Products?

Do You Think Beauty Companies Would Be Better If They Grew Their Own Ingredients?

♥ Tianna


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