Things that Irk Me About the Green Community

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I hate to be a Negative Nancy I love it, but as much as I love the green community, there are some things that really irk me about it. For one, is everyone a vegan? Does everyone have a limitless budget to invest in expensive herbal powder supplements? Just buying one Sun Potion makes my wallet physically hurt. That and a few other things just bug me about the wellness and green community so I thought I would share my thoughts because  I’m queen of TMI I thought it would be fun funny to see if anyone else can relate. At the end of the day, I’m just poking fun so if you fit any of these, I hope you’re not offended. I realize I’m meant to be fostering positive vibes, but seriously; there’s only so much happiness one can put out before I need to rant a bit. Maybe that’s just my personality? Then again, if you are upset about this, I’m sorry #sorrynotsorry.

Things that Irk Me About the Green Community

things that irk me about the green community

Everyone is a vegan. It seriously seems like almost everyone is either vegetarian or vegan. I have nothing against you, if you happen to be, but I do feel a little left out. Also, I feel like there’s some kind of underlying judgment there for those of us who eat meat. Like we’re not on their level…


Super skinny people with abs are considered the epitome of health. This is nothing against skinny people; every body is different and that’s wonderful. This is really about the ignorance of people, even in the health and green community, who think that just because you’re slim, you’re healthy or you have a great diet. Doctors and nutritionists alike will tell you that’s simply not true. Also, I think it can be particularly damaging in cases where a person is knee-deep in an eating disorder. Nothing could be more harmful than encouraging words for anyone who has suffered from an ED. That’s not to say every skinny person has an ED because I know plenty of naturally thin people, but it’s just a note to be more aware. Not everything is what it appears to be. And in the case of naturally thin people, well, not all of them have vibrantly healthy diets. One of my closest friends is the thinnest person I know and I’m pretty sure she lives, exclusively, off Baker’s burgers and fries.

being broke humor

Everything is SO expensive. The pricing on this sh*t is straight up animal crossing. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but seriously. Some of it is SO expensive. $80 for a water-based toner just seems incredibly greedy. I don’t mind spending extra or even splurging on effective natural beauty products, but when over 90% of it is water and you still try to justify the price? What, is it blessed by Jesus? I’m just saying.

Some people’s sense of mysticism and new age woo-woo borders on either delusional narcissism or we’re all being conned. Tarot, sage-burning BAMFs, all that crystal crap, and the annoying chakra talk. Sorry, it just really gets on my nerves. I start to feel like I’m at the 1920’s carnival and there are beads being waved in my face alongside mystical-sounding music a la Haunted Mansion. Do I believe you can clean an aura or clear a negative space? Absolutely. And for the record, I prefer palo santo to sage, but I digress. Do I believe crystals and chakra alignment can heal me or anyone else? No, not really. I think those kinds of things are absolutely wrong and I think people use them to take advantage of people who are ill and desperate and looking for answers.


Everyone is a health expert. This really is just a problem with the internet. Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled your symptoms and became convinced you had cancer after an hour of browsing? Some people out there, apparently, think navigating google makes you some kind of dietician or doctor. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t. Although I share my personal experiences with any number of products and I share nutritional based beauty tips on occasion, I always run them by my nutritionist friends. I’m not in the business of telling you how to live your lives or be healthy because I don’t have a degree in health. I do try to provide accurate information in that area in the same way I would try to help you guys understand ingredient lists, but it’s up to you to talk to your doctor, do your own research, and decide for yourself. One thing that truly bothers me is how some bloggers dish out advice like it’s no big deal. I would never want anyone to harm themselves by advice I gave which is why I’m very careful about what kind of tips I put out there and I think every blogger should be.


Charging $80+ plant powders of any kind. I thought plants were supposed to be the cheaper alternative to meat? No? As much as I love to hate PlantFusion, my God is it ever expensive! It’s like $40 for a large tub of the stuff. Granted, it may last me a few months, but it really hurts every time I shovel out the cash to restock. And although I love my wellness supplements, Sun Potion charging so much for pine pollen HURTS, okay?

superior humor

Anyone who posts something not green may be underhandedly shamed. I find this to be particularly offensive because I happen to think it’s wrong to try and control what other people do or how they live their lives, but there it is. Some people in the community think it’s okay to “shame” others whenever they, God forbid, post about eating some M&M’s, a soda, or GMO-laden popcorn. Newsflash, you guys: not everyone wants to live a green life. We would do better to be encouraging, offer alternatives, and promote positive vibes than to talk crap or shame others for their life choices. Also, being a condescending dick to anyone who enjoys the occasional candy is just plain mean.


Everyone has some kind of allergy. You know, to gluten, soy, dairy, life, happiness, whatever. Basically everything that makes you fun. No, I’m kidding, but seriously, people like to self-diagnose via google and say they have all kinds of intolerance issues. Unless your doctor says you have some kind of allergy, then you have no way of knowing whether or not you have one. and acting like eating gluten free means you’re super healthy is just delusional. Also, if you do legit have a food intolerance or allergy or you just want to go gluten-free because it “feels right”, please try not to be preachy. I get it; you don’t eat gluten and that’s fine. Please try not to punch me in the face with it. Thanks ahead of time.


In all seriousness, this post is not to bash on anyone or put anyone down because I have plenty of friends who are vegan, skinny, have legit food intolerance issues, and who are actual health experts. I love them and they know who they are. Moreover, if you believe in or partake in any of the things I mentioned, then just know that I’m not judging you. You have just as much a right as me to believe in and practice whatever you like. We’re all different and that’s the beauty of the world; variety is the spice of life. That said, I think there’s a whole lot of self-importance, snobbery and narcissism in the green community and it can be annoying and sometimes even really mean at the expense of others. That said, it’s good to laugh at ourselves and see the ridiculousness of some of the things we do. There are many things I love about the green community like the insane amount of genuinely kind people, the discussions about real issues like body image and health and the real change and widespread awareness for healthier and safer cosmetics that’s a direct result of people in the community fighting for it, and the fight and desire for more transparency in marketing. Last, but not least, green beauty and natural wellness products are also pretty great in spite of their sometimes wild price points so there’s that 🙂

What Do You Love or Hate About the Green Community?


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18 thoughts on “Things that Irk Me About the Green Community

  1. March 14, 2016 at 4:23 AM

    This made me laugh so hard! As a meat eater who enjoys chocolate with no allergies I am right there with you with all of these, especially the Chakra, crystal *insert weird idea here* Xx

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:04 AM

      lol glad to make you laugh, Ana! I definitely think the whole chakra/crystal stuff is a bunch of BS. It’s also really annoying because there are so many people out there who get scammed by it, but alas! At least we have chocolate lol. ♥

  2. March 14, 2016 at 7:29 AM

    EVERYTHING you said + I’d like to add the seemingly growing disdain for green bloggers that do product reviews – I’ve been getting a sense that many feel it makes you shady or inauthentic. Granted, I don’t want to JUST do that, but I’ve seen some comments that makes it look like you’re not “being true” to the green community if you do a lot of reviews. Also, some view monetizing your blog as shady too (I’m sure it can be, but not all of us are dishonest..some need to make money to keep our blogs going or because we can’t work outside the home, why is that a bad thing?). I could go on, but I’ll stop myself there. Like you, I don’t ever judge anyone for what they believe, or choose to talk about on their blogs, but I just wish that others would not be so judgemental too. Oh, and the attitude that unless it’s one of the expensive eco luxe brands it’s an inferior product..that bugs the crap put of me – not all of us can afford to shell out $80 for a serum or oil..Ok I’m done for real this time! 😀 xo
    Sabrina recently posted…Brand Highlight: Whole Clarity Review Part IMy Profile

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:13 AM

      lol yeah, I get that sometimes. I personally think people are going to judge you no matter what. Just do what you love, do what makes you happy and what you believe in – don’t worry about the rest. if I was worried about what people thought of me, I wouldn’t have published this post. and that would’ve been sad lol. so just do you. it’s so easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone or make them happy, but remember that it’s your blog girl. Do with it what you want. that’s the beauty of it and probably a big reason why people start blogging. we can literally make of it what we like. so just stay true to you 🙂 that’s all that really matters. ♥ ♥ ♥ thanks for sharing your thoughts Sabrina!

  3. March 14, 2016 at 8:25 AM

    The price of “green” and organic products to stupid outrageous but I’m sure that when we all finally realize how awful all the additives and dyes are for our bodies and when
    the big wigs start dying of cancer from their own nasty products they’ll clean up their acts (and their products). Clean food and products are going to be the norm soon and the price for those special organic products will go down. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
    Hollie recently posted…Punkin Butt Teething Oil for Itchy Old Tattoos & Dry SkinMy Profile

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:16 AM

      I definitely agree with you. Sometimes the prices are justified and I’m willing to support brands that do good and make great products, but other times, it’s just price inflation and that’s something I’m not willing to support. it’s ridiculous when a face cream of 2 ounces costs more than some people’s rent. I definitely think you’re right about the unsafe ingredients and I hope the pricing becomes more affordable and accessible for people. thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hollie! 🙂 ♥

  4. March 14, 2016 at 8:49 AM

    I completely agree with you, especially with veganism, abs abs and all the judging! I don’t think it’s very green to be judging others 🙂
    And as someone who grew up with a brother seriously allergic to lactose and gluten, I am glad to see more alternatives. But I also hate people who “don’t digest gluten properly” and don’t understand how I can have bread.

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:18 AM

      I totally agree with you, Helene. Judging is so NOT green 😛 But yeah, in all seriousness, it’s just not really productive to be that way. I’m just not a fan of the whole “clique” mentality and that’s something that’s prevalent in the community. I definitely think it’s wonderful to have alternatives and options for people who truly do need it, but I feel like there’s so many people just going gluten-free for the hell of it and then talking all this crap to everyone about it. that can get so annoying lol. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

  5. March 15, 2016 at 7:17 AM

    Sighhhh. I hate to be negative too, but so, so true on pretty much everything in this post! D: Not a fan of the holier-than-thou pay-with-you-blood-sweat-and-tears judginess!

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:20 AM

      exactly! I just can’t stand behind that kind of thing and it just really gets on my nerves. the frustrating part, a lot of the time, comes from the fact that a lot of these people use their beliefs as a shield or a way to bully others and that just irks me to no end lol. thanks for sharing your thoughts Farrah ♥

  6. March 15, 2016 at 8:50 AM

    Great post Tianna! I love that you are completely realistic about this whole thing. I’m definitely not strict when it comes to using green products or living a green life style, but I do love incorporating aspects of it into my life. The price is always what gets me (as you know 🙂 annnnd the allergies…I understand there are people who do have serious gluten allergies and I by no means am trying to discredit them, but I think the majority of people have taken this to a new and unnecessary level.

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. March 15, 2016 at 9:23 AM

      Thanks Shannon – just trying to keep it real lol. I get so agitated whenever I read about people recommending others to change to gluten-free or that gluten is somehow “unhealthy” when that’s not true for most people. I hate that everyone thinks they’re a freaking doctor lol. so irritating. but yeah, like you said, I try to incorporate green products and lifestyle changes into my daily life. I totally get that nobody is perfect, these products can be expensive, and not everyone wants to overhaul their entire life. I definitely get that and I think people who get all preachy about it tend to really alienate people who might want to live more green or healthy, but then get scared off by all the judginess. thanks for stopping by and sharing your input! ♥

  7. Liz
    March 15, 2016 at 12:06 PM

    This was so much fun to read Tianna and those gifs/memes are awesome! You raised some great points. I’m also uncomfortable, when I see some people proclaiming themselves as “authority” or “expert” without substantial credentials. Don’t get me started on all that chakra/mystical vibe that you also find on Instagram, this is beyond me lol. I do have lactose intolerance, so I’m guilty of bringing that up sometimes haha, but I’d never tell anyone to stop drinking milk or eating cheese, just because it triggers a sinusitis for me. Everyone is different. xx

    1. March 16, 2016 at 11:13 AM

      Hi Liz! I’m glad you enjoyed the post haha. I definitely am not a fan of people claiming to be experts with no credentials – it always makes me think they have ulterior motives. Not a fan of the chakra stuff at all. And I don’t have a problem with people if they have food intolerances lol – it’s just when people get preachy to others about it or try to tell people to live their way that it bugs me. bummer about your lactose intolerance – I’m not a big fan of dairy, in general, because I know it can be damaging to a lot of people. exactly my thoughts – everyone is different. thanks for stopping by ♥ ♥

  8. March 24, 2016 at 12:09 PM

    Haha! A very fun read!

  9. March 30, 2016 at 2:57 AM

    Great post!! Thanks so much for linking up with the #MadMidWeek linky.

  10. May 4, 2016 at 7:09 PM

    I love this post, so much. Leave my gluten eating bacon loving self alone! Hahaha. 😉

    1. May 10, 2016 at 11:16 AM

      hahha thanks Melissa. glad you enjoyed it. ♥

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