Ethical Style Tips: 5 Tips for Buying Lingerie with Confidence

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ethical style tips

Lingerie is one of those tough areas of fashion to tackle that everyone seem to have trouble with. What it really comes down to, a lot of the time, is purchasing the correct size for our body and also doing things to feel more comfortable in our own skin so we feel our best in said lingerie. I caught up with Monica of HarMonica Design to see what her best tips for buying lingerie with confidence are. Monica is a lovely indie fashion designer who specifically designs ethical lingerie that is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free ♥ Scroll all the way down for why being an ethical fashion designer is so important to her + some of her best ethical style tips!

 5 Tips for Buying Lingerie with Confidence:

MAKE SURE IT FITS YOU NOW: Are you supported and comfortable? Is it the proper size for your body right now?

GO WITH WHAT FEELS GOOD: How does it feel when you have it on? Does it restrict or feel tight or loose? How does the fabric feel on your skin? Does it let you breathe & move?

SHOP FOR LONGEVITY & PURPOSE: Is this piece serving a purpose or would it be a repeat of something you already own? Is it a piece that can be worn to different occasions, or are you buying it for a specific event? Think about where it fits into your wardrobe.

GO FOR WHAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR STYLE: How does the piece go with the clothes & lingerie already in your closet? Consider how you it will fit in with what you already wear & what outfits you can wear it with.

SET AN INTENTION: How do you want to feel when you wear it? Let the piece be a reminder of that feeling every time you put it on.

harmonica lingerie

Ethical Style Tips and Philosophy with Monica of HarMonica Lingerie…

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in fashion?
I moved to New York to attend FIT. I took some intimate apparel classes, but never had a job in this field until I started my own company. Since college I’ve worked for 10 years in various design roles from outerwear to denim to kid’s clothes.
What let you to design lingerie as opposed to another form of apparel?
I think it’s fun to make, I like that the pattern pieces are small so everything is more manageable, in my opinion! After taking intimates in college, I started making panties and selling to friends when I was in between jobs, which turned into a side project once I found another job. Then when the time came to start my own collection, it was a no-brainer to continue down the lingerie path since I had already been making them for about 7 years.
Why is cruelty-free fashion so important to you?
I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for the last 6 years, and I think it’s an important issue that most people don’t consider when shopping for clothes. Food, yes, but clothes are not usually thought of as a product of ‘animal cruelty’. And for people who are trying to live their lifestyle by these principles, it can be hard to find stylish offerings that also follow their moral code.
Your line of lingerie is all about helping women feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves a little more. What let you to make this a philosophy and goal when designing a collection?
As women, the media and fashion industry make it hard to love and accept our bodies as they are naturally. It’s always about losing weight, dieting, push-up bras.. changing everything about ourselves. I’ve struggled with body issues for 20 years, and harMonica is lingerie that I feel comfortable & sexy in. I hope other women feel the same way, embrace their natural beauty and body when they wear these pieces.
How would you describe your brand of lingerie?
Visible intimates to wear day to night & yoga to brunch.
What inspires you most when designing new lingerie pieces?
 Functionality, simplicity, fabric, and color.
ethical lingerie
Harmonica Design Lingerie pieces are all ethical, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel confident and sexy in your own skin without the guilt that comes from buying lingerie at a mass production department store or retailer. I love Monica’s dedication to offering unique lingerie that’s not only beautiful, but also seeks to make the person wearing it feel their most beautiful, confident self as well. Moreover, what can be better than a designer who understands the importance of sustainable, kind, and ethical fashion?

See All the Harmonica Lingerie Pieces:

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You can learn more and find these pieces and Monica’s entire collection at Harmonica Design.

Special thanks to my sister in-law who is a lovely indie model! She helped me out and modeled all of these gorgeous bralettes! If you want to check out more of her modeling work, you can follow her on instagram and tumblr

What Makes You Feel Most Confident? 

Do You Buy Ethical Lingerie?

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*Please note: This post is not sponsored; I simply sought out Monica for her expert and passion in the ethical fashion field! PR Samples of these tops were provided for photography purposes only.

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4 thoughts on “Ethical Style Tips: 5 Tips for Buying Lingerie with Confidence

  1. Linda Manns Linneman
    April 17, 2016 at 5:22 PM

    Comfort is a real big deal for me. If it is not comfortable I do not like wearing it. I also like to buy lingerie that will last and wash well. Thank you so much for sharing this information

  2. Cheryl Everitt
    April 27, 2016 at 8:33 AM

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Buying unmentionables is on my list of “don’t want to”. Apparently I finally have to give in, but I go for comfort.

  3. Olivia
    May 11, 2016 at 8:09 PM

    I feel awkward just buying underwear around people

    1. May 13, 2016 at 8:16 AM

      haha me too that’s why I shop online 😛

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