The Magical Simplicity of Osmia Organics

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The Magical Simplicity of Osmia Organics

 I was really very fortunate recently to be able to try out a bunch of Osmia Organics products for review and I’m so glad I did! These products are all naturally made in Colorado with special care and attention to detail. Not only are they crafted with nature in mind, but also how your skin can benefit from the wonderful elements that nature has to offer.

  • Osmia Organics Black Facial Soap – This is formulated for normal, combination and problem skin types. It uses black Australian clay and dead sea mud to give some much needed balance and calm to your skin while almond, avocado and castor oils hydrate and soften. Coconut milk is also utilized in this soap to lend it a soft milky lather without sulfates. I really enjoyed using this facial soap! Soap bars can make me kind of wary, but this one is quite nice. It has a nice lather, but it’s not drying and doesn’t leave skin tight or dull. Instead, your skin is soft, cleansed, and calm.
  • Facial Calibration Serum – This serum helps to balance, calm and tone the skin, especially problem skin types with the use of acai and black cumin seed oil. It’s surprisingly hydrating, though not greasy or overly oily, and absorbs quickly into the skin. I really loved using this serum on days when my skin was irritated or I had breakouts because this helped heal my skin even faster, calming breakouts and hydrating my skin without feeling heavy. This is a fantastic serum for oily and acne prone skin types!
  • Luster Lip Gloss – The texture and color of this lip gloss is lovely! The feel of it going on is smooth and it really helps hydrate lips. My only issue with it is that is tastes like absolute DIRT because of the beet and alkanet roots (which they use to give the gloss it’s color). The color of this is really pretty, but it tastes and smells pretty not good. This gloss is great on a superficial color level and for hydration benefits, but the taste and smell are things I have a hard time getting past because they’re so noticeably there. I think it would be much improved if they added some kind of flavoring or something to cover it up. If taste and smell are something you won’t mind, this is a fantastic natural tinted lip gloss that will hydrate and protect lips all winter while lending a pretty berry color.
  • Juniper Fire Perfume Concentrate – I really feel like this fragrance is the perfect scent to describe Colorado’s woodland forest feel. The fragrance includes vanilla, sandalwood, juniper and cedar to create a beautiful and unique scent that is both sweet and smokey while also a bit herbal and earthy. I really love it and it reminds me of being in the woods on a snowy day or something. Truly lovely for those who enjoy natural fragrances!
  • Sunset Body Oil – This was my favorite of the two body oils that I tried, but honestly, they were both incredible. This one has a slightly sweeter, muskier scent to it that just feels sexy, intoxicating and delicious. It includes vanilla, jasmine and bergamot for a very feminine scent that feels just a little bit spicy!
  • Light Body Oil This body oil was lovely and very invigorating to use in the morning as it smells very citrusy. It uses ylang ylang, lemongrass and balsam so it’s very uplifting, slightly feminine and woodsy. It’s really delicious smelling and very rejuvenating. It does feel like a very energizing body oil that will help wake you up in the morning.

Have You Tried Osmia Organics? 

♥ Tianna 

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5 thoughts on “The Magical Simplicity of Osmia Organics

  1. nami
    November 9, 2013 at 10:11 AM

    I am in love with osmia.They create awesome products.i love their soaps ..want to try more of their products

  2. November 10, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    Really nice collections:-). Have never tried this brand yet !

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