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It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these blogger tags so I thought it was a good time to do one again because I really enjoy them and I think they’re a fun way to share things about myself and see what you guys think of various things as well. Fashion is one area I haven’t really done in terms of blogger tags so I thought this would be a good one – I hope you enjoy ♥

 I took this tag from a post by Kirsty @ The Style Khaleesi – here – so thanks for sharing the tag!

What are your favorite stores to shop for clothes?
So many! Off the top of my head – Dollskill, Forever 21, Macy’s, Asos, Top Shop, Target, H&M, Etsy, and lately, this site called

What are your favorite stores to shop for accessories?
Probably online on sites like Etsy which always have the quirkiest ones because I don’t wear a whole lot of accessories, to be honest, but when I do, I prefer to wear things that are one of a kind or less common. Occasionally I enjoy the Betsey Johnson accessories as well.

What are your favorite stores to shop for shoes? 
ALDO, Macy’s, Dr. Martens, and Target.

What are your favorite trends at the moment? 
Sweat pant skinnies! (Seriously, who isn’t on board with this trend??) Hmm. Other than that, peplum tops, layering (of course every winter this is awesome!), leather pieces, smoking flats and knee high boots!

What are some fashion trends you loathe?
high waist shorts, crop tops (unless worn with a skater skirt, for some reason I like that combo), and all those blingy looking chain necklaces. Not a huge fan of those LOL.

Are you a jewelry person? Which do you prefer: bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces?
Not a huge jewelry person. Of everything, I wear earrings the most, but I like bracelets, rings and watches when I do actually wear jewelry. I like seeing it on others, but then I just feel all suffocated most of the time when I wear jewelry haha.

Name a few items at the top of your fashion wish list of the moment.
Anything with skulls on it, anything and everything velvet, leather knee high boots, smoking flats and these knee high sock boots from Muk Luks!

Most expensive item you own in your wardrobe?

No idea, to be honest, but probably this old Guess leather jacket that used to be my moms. No idea how much it cost her as I sort of inherited it, but I know leather is expensive and it’s Guess so yep…

How much do you typically spend on fashion? (Are you a huge splurgier or a thrifty shopper?)
It depends on the item. For the right item, I am willing to spend more if it’s something I really want, but if it’s just a basic white T or something, I’m pretty cheap.

List 5 wardrobe essentials that you feel every girl should possess.
Leggings, Boots, Plain T shirts, Cute Socks & A Dress You Feel Pretty in!

What is your favorite season, in terms of fashion? 
Fall/Autumn! Here in Southern California, it’s often times just hot in Spring and Summer so there’s not a whole lot of fashion to enjoy in that kind of blazing weather. In the fall/winter months, we get to accessorize more with scarves and wear jackets and coats we could never wear when it’s hot.
What would you say your style is typically like? 
Probably a mixture of very proper sensibility mixed with punk rock. So think Jane Austen if she was in an all girl band and I guess that kind of makes sense in terms of my style.

What is your go-to outfit for lazy/comfy/casual days when you just feel like throwing something on? 
Leggings, T-shirt, boots, and blown out hair.
Do you have any influential style icons?
Not really. I mostly take from characters I like in the books I read. For instance, I take a character from a book and imagine what her character would be wearing in terms of her personality and I kind of go from there. The only legit style icons I’ve had are the Spice Girls when I was young and all the characters from this series in middle school because the books were all heavily fashion influenced.

What is your favorite nail-polish at the moment, or just some nail-polish colors/brands you love?
No favorites at the moment, but I do love polishes from Priti NYC, Zoya, Loreal and I really want to try out some from TenOverTen!

What is your favorite fragrance?
My favorite fragrances are kind of random, but they are : Ventilo, Pure Poison by Dior (in the atomizer squeeze bottle), Versace Woman,  Parfums de Nicolai in L’eau a la Folie and i Profumi di Firenze in Plenilunio. For men – Givenchy’s Pi!

Anyone who wants to can do this tag and link me up below so I can go and read your answers!

♥ Tianna 

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