The Best Shade for Contouring Pale Skin – Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment Review

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Where All My Pale Girls At? 

No, but seriously, we need to have a talk! 

I recently discovered the most amazing contour product for all the fair/pale ladies out there and it is LEGIT. 

I bought this product with my own money from Sephora online as it was always sold out at the Sephora store near me (which says something!).

The product is a Cream Pigment by Illamasqua in the shade “Hollow” and it is seriously the best shade for contouring  pale skin / lighter complexions. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I will never go back to using bronzer/blush/other matte contour products which are too dark for me.

My Skin Tone 

You see, I’m quite pale. I am always within the first few shades of any line of foundations anywhere. To give you an idea, I’m L4 in NARS Sheer Glow in the summer when I’m slightly more tan, but in the winter right now I’m 0 Porcelain in Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Foundation. I’m NC15-NC20 in MAC depending on the season.

My Awful Experiences with Other Contour Products

I’ve always had a horribly hard time finding the right product to contour with. When I was younger, I used blush like a boss, but it really didn’t look right on me, you know? That was back when I also thought using oxy clear astringent pads to clean my face was cool too. Gross, I know. Previously, I’ve tried using matte contour powders, but they just make me look like I’m dirty or have dirt on my face which isn’t too flattering! Anyhow, before I found this product, I was using Cargo’s Hydrabronze just because I literally had nothing else and it made me look like 2-3 shades darker and more tan than I actually was at the time. It kind of worked okay for summer, but in winter, not so much.


The Light in the Darkness

Awhile ago, I saw a Pixiwoo makeup look on their YouTube channel where they did this kind of gothic look on a fairer skinned woman and used Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow on her to contour, recommending it as a really good option for pale girls such as myself! The makeup look was lovely and the contour looked amazing so I knew I had to have it! The thing was that my local Sephora was consistently sold out of this shade of Cream Pigment literally EVERY time I went to purchase it. Then, they stopped carrying it altogether so I purchased online and I recommend you do too because, even online, they are consistently selling out of it. Get it while you can – you won’t regret it!

Holy Grail Status 

As I said, I’ve been using this for several months now nearly every single day and I am loving it. It doesn’t make my skin look dirty, just defined. It’s really surprisingly natural, but you can build up to a more defined contour look if you want a super chiseled looking end result. I love that this pigment is cream, despite many makeup artists telling me that cream is more difficult to use, because I actually found it blends better with my skin and foundation than a powder. If I get any lines or anything, they are super easy to blend out. I use a contour brush from Real Techniques to apply this and it’s very straightforward.

My Skin In Different Makeup Looks Using This Cream Pigment: 

Vamp Makeup Look

Vamp Makeup Look

Everyday Makeup Look

Everyday Makeup Look


Fall Makeup Look

I’m using this cream pigment in both photos, but you can see how I made the contour more defined in the “vamp” look as opposed to the “everyday” look. I really don’t use blush much at all so most of what you see is all achieved with the cream pigment. I’m lazy like that, but this product really does work to make my face look defined and pretty and natural. I can’t recommend this product enough, to be honest with you!

If you’re fair skinned and, like me, you’ve consistently had trouble finding the right product to contour with, this is absolutely for you. Alternatively, you can use this cream pigment as a cream shadow as well, if you like, and I think it looks nice for that purpose, though I mostly use it as an eye shadow base and contour more than any other use. While this is slightly more on the pricey end for just one product, it does last a long time (had mine 3 months and it looks like I’ve hardly used it at all!) and it’s definitely worth the money for the results it achieves on my skin. It’s the best shade for contouring pale skin, in my humble opinion!

If you’re looking for a cream pigment for eyes, they have a number of other colors to choose from which all look lovely!

Have You Tried Illamasqua’s Cream Pigments? 

What Do You Use to Contour?

♥ Tianna 

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