Sun-Kissed Beauty: 13 Natural and Organic Sun Care Products I’m Dying To Try!

As much as I’ve been obsessing over swimwear, I’ve been obsessing over sun care beauty products. From sunscreen to self tanners to after sun mists, I’m all over it!

And, as much as I like to get a little sun in the summertime, I’m not about damaging or aging my skin so I always wear sunscreen and I try to properly treat any sunburns I get as well as give myself a healthy and safe faux-tan so I can fake it ’til I make it.

Here Are the 15 Natural & Organic Sun Beauty Products I’m Dying to Try:

ISUN Photo Enzyme Serum – BeautyHabit

This hypothetically works similar to the UV inCellium Spray from Institut Esthederm, only this uses natural ingredients and promises to heal cell damage from the sun with all natural plant oils and extracts high in rejuvenating natural forms of vitamins A, C & E.


CV Skinlabs – Rescue + Relief Spray – BeautyHabit

This spray from CV Skinlabs isn’t an after- sun mist per se, but it’s an all-purpose spray meant to help calm redness and irritation so it’s perfect for using on sunburns and other heat related irritations.


Phyto Phytoplage Sun Oil – BeautyHabit

This sun oil from Phyto naturally protects hair from damage UV rays while also taming frizz and hydrating locks.

ISUN After Sun Mist – BeautyHabit

The ISUN After Sun Mist is a dedicated mist for cooling and calming skin directly after sun exposure. It utilizes natural ingredients to speed healing of sun burns and skin irritations with antioxidant-rich plant extracts and waters.

Environmental Defense Anti-Aging Primer

Environmental Defense Anti-Aging Primer – Soleil Organique

This anti-aging primer from Soleil Organique promises to brighten, protect, nourish and hydrate skin during use. It does this using their EcoSunComplex® formulated with natural sun-protecting ingredients and SymHelios® which protects cells from UV damage. Along with hyaluronic acid and various peptides, your skin will be protected and perfectly prepped for makeup.


ISUN Buriti Tanning Oil – BeautyHabit

ISUN Buriti Tanning Oil has an SPF of about 8 using all natural ingredients and buriti fruit oil which is high in vitamins A, C & E so it nourishes, protects and heals skin while you use it. I think this would be far superior to other tanning oils as it naturally protects skin and includes healing ingredients. I don’t really like tanning, but I prefer to wear lower SPF oils during the week and on my body.

Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanner for Light to Medium Tan

This sunless tanner from Chocolate Sun promises to give the skin a natural looking tan using all natural ingredients – plus it’s cocoa chocolate scented!

Environmental Defense Sun Stick SPF 30

Environmental Defense Sun Stick SPF 30 – Soleil Organique

This uses the same EcoSunComplex® as their primer only in a sunscreen sun stick form. I prefer to use a sun stick if I’ll be wearing makeup as the finish of it is a lot nicer and smoother so I don’t have to worry much about buffing it in for ages before I can apply foundation. Sticks work better for me.

ISUN – After Sun Mask – BeautyHabit

This is a lovely after sun treatment mask to help repair cells and calm skin after sun exposure. I love that ISUN uses all natural ingredients in all of their products.

100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 45

100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 45 – Soleil Organique

Again, this is similar to their sun stick and uses their EcoSunComplex® only this is in a sunscreen mist formula. I really want a mist like this as I find they’re easier to use for all over re-application. So I’d likely use a sunscreen lotion before I hit the beach, but for re-application once I’m at the beach, mists are just more practical and easy to use. Also, they cover more ground than lotions ( I tend to miss spots with lotions) so they’re more accurate coverage, I think.

ISUN – Antioxidant Sun Butter – BeautyHabit

I’ve been wanting this for AGES. It is formulated with all natural ingredients and includes a high level of antioxidants to protect skin from UV rays. The natural sun protection is about SPF 15 and I think this would be perfect for everyday application on not-so-hot days.

Environmental Defense Eye Therapy SPF 15

Environmental Defense Eye Therapy SPF 15 – Soleil Organique

This suncreen for the eye area also includes their EcoSunComplex® and is precisely meant for the eye area. It supposedly works as an eye cream and sunscreen in one, though I don’t know if I’d use it for an eye cream by itself. I like the idea of a dedicated eye sunscreen mostly because I have sensitive eyes and normal sunscreens (except sun sticks) make my eyes sting and burn.


Phyto Phytoplage Sun Veil Mist – BeautyHabit

This sun protection mist for your hair from Phyto looks really promising! It uses all natural ingredents to protect your hair from UV damage and hydrates locks all at once. As someone who never protects her hair from the sun, I really think I ought to start!

Have You Tried Any of These?

What Sun Beauty Products Are You Lusting After?

♥ Tianna 

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