Spring Dinner Party Inspiration

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♥ Spring Dinner Party Inspiration ♥

Having a spring dinner or garden party is appealing to me for a number of reasons. For one, my birthday lands this month on the 20th so it’s a great excuse to have a party “en plein air” (outside) that’s brightened up with beautiful flowers during the day and lit up with candles by night. It just sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Plus, spring offers the chance to serve fresh fruits, veggies, and use mason jars in a ridiculous number of ways. Since you can use flowers and plants to decorate alongside whatever your color scheme of balloons, decor is actually pretty cheap. There are a TON of DIY ideas via pinterest so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ideas and tips ♥


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Adding in plants and/or flowers gives the feeling of spring, brightens up your table setting, and just looks pretty without too much effort! Also, a few flower bouquets or pretty green plants from the store is a hell of a lot cheaper than actual party decor. You can get pretty or plain glass vases from the dollar store easy enough or on Ebay or Etsy with proper planning.


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I always love natural textures, but even more so at parties and mixing textures is the prettiest of all, in my opinion. Taking some gorgeous pink flowers against a backdrop of rustic natural wood or even just a pretty tablecloth and using rustic wood to serve on adds a unique look to your party.


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Obviously, if you’re like me and don’t have a million dollars to spend, budgeting will be a factor on your mind. If that’s the case, then remember to get creative! You don’t have to follow the same tired formula for a party if you don’t want to. Yes, you can buy $10 pack of mason jars and put flowers in them and call it a day. You can blow up some balloons and hang them from the ceiling or maybe just make everyone flower crowns (now everyone’s a decoration!). Whatever you decide, make it your own and tailor it to you.


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Again, if budgeting is a factor, try to use small pieces here and there or maybe just one big centerpiece to decorate your party. Maybe it’s one huge bouquet of flowers or a single flower in cute apothecary jars all down the table. Maybe it’s floating candles and roses in a bucket. These things are easy enough to do, but the effect is really nice.


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If nothing else, I think spring parties need fresh food and drinks. Whether you’re making a few fresh juice drinks for guests yourself or buying some OJ at the store with a veggie plate, try to keep it light and put everything on pretty plates.


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You don’t have to do this, but it seems like every party that has a kind of color palette always looks more appealing. If photos are on your mind, you may want to choose a color. They seem to bring everything together just a little bit more and make it all pop.


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Some people think you should send invites at least a month in advance, but I would say you should do it at the very least 2 weeks in advance. That’s enough time for people to figure out if they can come. Obviously, if it’s for a major event like a wedding, anniversary or something like that, you might want to plan way ahead as more formal events will require people to dress up, buy a gift, etc.


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This is just a thought, but I always feel like colorful drinks look prettier than soda! Even if you just add some food coloring to your 7Up or something – who cares? It looks pretty! If you can make it happen, though, I personally find fruity sparkling drinks or fresh juices to be the nicest way to go and they’re also healthier than regular soda. Another option is to come up with a drink recipe for your party. Just one drink. You can offer other drink options, but this can be the main drink you offer to guests and the name can be themed after whatever you might be celebrating!


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I’m not the kind of person who enjoys cooking up a 5 course meal for a thousand people so if food is a concern for you (like it is with me), then by all means, go for finger foods. Take the crostini (shown above – click link above for ideas!). It’s super easy to put together with a variety of different flavors without breaking your back or the bank, but still looks impressive and tastes delicious. Another option is homemade pizza, soup and salads, mixed veggies and one baked item, or even pasta with various topping options set up like a dessert table.


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Obviously, if you’re having a party, there needs to be dessert. I can pretty much assume that if someone even bothers to show up to a party, 9 times out of 10, it’s for the dessert. You don’t have to make everything from scratch; you can buy M&M’s themed to your color scheme, bake a few different kinds of cookies (from the box or store if you don’t want to cook), and a pretty cake with some champagne. Arrange everything with some flower vases around, cute plates and there you go; you now have a fun, pretty dessert table 🙂

You can find some really gorgeous spring party supplies and decor on Etsy and BHLDN ♥

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      I know that’s what I thought! 🙂

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    I love the cacti accents!


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    I love the name Storybook Apothecary! Beautiful spring ideas!
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    Style Me Pretty table with pink shade is my favorite!

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    Great ideas! I’m glad it is finally warm so we can be outside for gatherings.
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      thank you! Glad you enjoyed 🙂 Me too it’s nice to have parties outdoors!

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