Special Edition Fitspo + Inspiration: You Are What You Eat!

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Eat Clean

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♥ Happy Fitspo + Inspiration Wednesday! ♥

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far!

This week’s fitspo and inspiration post is focused on what you are eating. As they say, you can’t outrun or burn off the calories of a bad diet and that’s definitely true. Not only that, but especially if you’re trying to build muscle and burn fat, it will be a lot harder to gain strength and sculpt your body the way you want if you’re not fueling it with what it needs to run at it’s fullest potential. For me, I’ve been okay on the clean eating up until recently and I’ve just fallen off a bit. With the heat here in California, making lunches has been difficult for me to do or even want to do because that would mean staying in the office that has no AC all day with no break. And I think I have begun to view lunch time as a little break from the heat and from work so I prefer to go out. That being said, it’s made my healthy routine suffer. Also, the heat makes it difficult to sleep at night which means I’m a lot more tired during the day and more likely to crave crappy foods. That being said, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and the weather is thankfully finally cooling down a bit so I’m happy to get back on track with my healthy habits.

So, that’s today’s theme : eating well to fuel your body for optimum nutrition and maximum fitness performance 🙂

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clean eating

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My favorite quote about abs EVER because it is so true. (Don't mind the spelling error.)

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…And A Healthy Yummy CLEAN Recipe for Fall & Winter ♥

Clean Eating Peppermint Mocha

Clean Eating Peppermint Mocha – GraciousPantry

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♥ More Inspiring Before + After Photos! ♥

measuremyfitness 17 years old. -36 pounds (206+ to 170ish) i went down 4 bra sizes, 2 shirt sizes and 2 jean sizes. I’m 5’9. i still want to lose another 2 stone or so, but right now i’m focusing on getting fitter and seeing the changes in the mirror instead of on the scales. i’d love some support from new people, so follow/message me if you like! never give up guys! 

Source: Tumblr

theloserdiary:A quick progress pic, despite still feeling pretty bloated and horrible. 25/01 - 14/09, 215lbs - 168lbs (I’m 5”11). So I was already 13lbs lighter in the pic on the left! Such a brilliant and timely reminder of how far I’ve come.Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Source: Tumblr

lovehealthlift:190lbs vs 147lbs

Source: Tumblr; lovehealthlift:190lbs vs 147lbs

oddestgoddess:A juxtapose of who I was and who I am. How different I was and how different I am.

Source: Tumblr

fromfoodietofitnesslover:I love finding old pictures of myself.  It’s a little scary and a little sad. Like I didn’t realize til I saw that first picture, that I really did have back fat… It is nice too.  I still have all three top dresses but they look totally different on me or don’t fit me at all. Anyways I changed the picture on my tumblr page to this.

Source: Tumblr

losing-for-victory This is my before and during. Its been about 3 months of me enjoying a healthy lifestyle complete with ice cream and all the other foods I love, just in moderation now :). I still have a long way to go until I get to where I want to be but I proud of how far I have come.Height: 5’ 8”SW: 200 lbsCW: 184 lbs

Source: Tumblr

shelby—cobraI hated taking pics so my before isn’t even at my highest weight.I started losing weight in february of 2013 and have lost 55 pounds to date! Healthy Eating, and training as an amateur boxer since June of 2013.Height: 5’7Before: 220 After: 165follow me!! shelby—cobra.tumblr.com

Source: Tumblr

How Do You Stay on Track With Eating Clean?

 I’d Love To Hear Your Tips! 

♥ Tianna


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