Solavedi Organics Skincare Review

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solavedi organics skincare review

The founder, Carollanne was inspired to create the line after many physical and emotional struggles over the years of her life, including a spinal injury where doctors told her she might never walk again, would never be able to have children, and would “die in the night” without their recommended surgery. Through healing practices with her own ayurvedic healer, she was able to live life (walking and alive) and become a mother, Since then, she’s dedicated her life to deep healer-ship and created Solavedi as a way of passing on her knowledge and findings. Solavedi Organics specialize in unique products which are inspired by holistic ayurvedic principles. Each line is separated into specific beauty and emotional needs which correspond to issues you may be having with your skin. This gives a very customized approach to treating and healing your skin from the inside out that I really love! I was lucky enough to try out some small samples and a full size cleansing oil from their line and report back to you guys.

Solavedi Organics Skincare Review

solavedi organics skincare review

  • Pore Clarifying Lavender Sage Cleansing Oil – This natural cleansing oil is wonderful for all skin types, but acne prone skin and those with clogged pores will benefit the most, in my opinion. The scent is subtle, herbal, and the oil has a very thick consistency. I definitely think many people who deal with acne can benefit from using this cleansing oil, though I think it’s more appropriate for winter skin and early spring. I’m not sure I would want to use it during hot summer days.
  • Raw Green Cream – This cream smells super herbal so I don’t recommend it for anyone who’s particular about their scents. It has a very fresh green scent, almost like cilantro or something, which I really kind of enjoy, to be honest, but I know it’s not for everyone. That said, this cream is seriously awesome. It’s both hydrating and purifying to pores and it’s a great cream if you have trouble finding a cream that has the perfect balance of offering hydrating, but also not clogging your pores. This is a good one.
  • Healing Calendula + Turmeric Day Cream with EMF – This is a wonderful day cream because it includes sun protection in the formula and it’s incredibly gentle. There’s no white cast or anything so it’s awesome if that sort of thing bothers you in a face sunscreen. I love the scent of this one; it’s more subtly herbal and less noticeable than the Raw Green Cream. This would work well for any skin type, in my opinion, especially sensitive and acne prone.
  • Cleansing Grains with Glacial Clay + Wild Greens – These cleansing grains come in a powder form and are mixed with water to form a paste. It’s quite messy to use which I found kind of inconvenient, but the scent is lovely – almost minty – and it feels very refreshing and cooling on the skin which is nice if you’re dealing with redness, breakouts or any kind of skin inflammation. It’s great as a scrub if you have sensitive or reactive skin as well.
  • Honey Blossom Facial Wash – This cleanser gets so much praise by other bloggers, but I have to admit that it didn’t do anything for me. It felt a little too cleansing on my skin which didn’t help the dryness I was dealing with so I stopped using it for that reason. I’ll probably keep it in my cabinet and try again during the summer when my skin is more oily because I think I may have better results then.
  • Urban Revival Astringent Toner Mist – This is great toner for balancing skin, but it smelled a lot like plain apple cider vinegar which may turn quite a lot of people off. I don’t mind it because I know how beneficial ACV is for balancing the pH of your skin, but I can see people not wanting to use it for that reason. I enjoyed it, personally, but I don’t see anything that’s particularly special about it. That said, it does get the job done and didn’t upset my skin so I’m happy about that.
  • Sleep Aromatherapy Mist – This mist is so relaxing. It smells like soothing lavender and it’s great to mist your sheets or pillow cases with. I walk around before bed and mist my entire room like a total lunatic, but I really love how relaxing this scent is so I’m liberal with it, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend who hates herbal scents he can’t stop me.  Another cool way to use this mist is in the shower before bed. If you enjoy showers before bed or after an evening workout, you could mist some of this in your shower with the steam and it would help you wind down for sleep.

You can find all of these and more at Solavedi Organics ♥

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*Products provided for review by Solavedi Organics. All opinions are thoughts are 100% honest and based entirely on my personal experience.

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6 thoughts on “Solavedi Organics Skincare Review

  1. February 28, 2016 at 8:54 AM

    These all sound amazing! The Raw Green Cream and Sleep Aromatherapy Mist in particular sound like exactly what I need. My face is so dry but my pores get clogged so easily it can be very frustrating to find a product that helps both these things.

    Steph –

    1. March 1, 2016 at 11:12 AM

      they are both really great! the Sleep Mist is so relaxing! I spray my pillow with it lol. If your face is super dry, this a good one, but might not be hydrating enough. If you want something that’s hydrating, but won’t clog pores, these are also great > Graydon The Green Cream, Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme, Argentum Apothecary La Potion Infinie, and Rainwater Botanicals Troubled Skin Serum. All are hydrating without being too heavy or breaking skin out and they all work to clear pores/breakouts, but won’t dry skin out. Hope this helps!

  2. February 29, 2016 at 6:29 AM

    Hey Tianna – excited to see your review on Solavedi – Our customers LOVE Raw Green Rescue (great for inflamed, red skin irritation), Honey Blossom Cleanser and Urban Revival Toner – especially those with acne prone skin – 💚

    1. March 1, 2016 at 11:14 AM

      Hi! I really enjoyed trying out these 🙂 Definitely think Raw Green Cream was among my favorites of what I tried. Honey Blossom isn’t a favorite yet, but I’ll try again in summer. Urban Revival was great, but I have other toner favorites so it didn’t impress me as much as the others.

  3. He;ene @healthyfrenchie
    February 29, 2016 at 9:45 AM

    Sounds pretty amazing, and I love the story behind the brand. Personnally I don’t mind herbal scents but I can see how some people might be bothered by it

    1. March 1, 2016 at 11:15 AM

      It really is a lovely brand and I love reading about the founder’s personal journey as well 🙂 I love herbal scents and find them very relaxing, but I know some people hate them so I try to warn people ahead of time lol so they don’t go out and purchase and hate it just for the scent.

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