Halloween Beauty: Skeleton Makeup Look

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Skeleton Makeup Look

Its finally the week of Halloween and I’m psyched!

I’m thrilled it’s nearly here and I spent the majority of my weekend playing around with Halloween makeup looks and other fun ideas. This one is, by far, my favorite.

It was inspired by Mademoiselle Mu’s makeup look “She Waited Too Long” which I’m pretty sure you guys have probably all seen. If not, check it out here.

Basically, it’s a realistic style of skeleton makeup and, let me tell you, this was SO not easy to do!


I’m sure it doesn’t look as amazing as Mademoiselle Mu’s version, but keep in mind I’m not a professional LOL!

That being said, I think it came out okay! The most difficult parts of this were the cheeks and the nose. The cheeks were the most frustrating bit because the shape is kind of strange and depends on your face shape to get it right. I highly recommend outlining the shape of the negative space ( the shadow or black areas) before filling them in so you can get placement down. I had to erase and start the cheeks over so many times, but overall I’m happy with the end result.

Some things that I changed from Mademoiselle Mu’s version are that I used my regular foundation instead of a really pale one because I just didn’t have that on hand. Ideally, I wanted to mix white pigment with my foundation, but as I didn’t have it, I just tried to make my skin look really porcelain and I made sure to set with white powder. For all of the shadow work on my face, I’ve actually used a dark plum/eggplant eye shadow shade from Bobbi Brown, not a black like is traditionally used. I thought it would look more feminine and unique. This looks way cooler in person than on camera because of the shimmer in the eye shadow, to be honest!

Lastly, I also did some of the spinal cord shading on my neck and decolleté, though you can hardly see it.

In my opinion, this makeup look is a great idea if you are someone who doesn’t want to buy a costume, but still wants to look pretty cool. It requires very little of anything to create. Hypothetically, you could create the entire look with a black lipstick or eye shadow and maybe a fine liner brush (for the detail work). With a look like this, you don’t need a costume – you could literally wear jeans and a hoodie or a dress so it’s convenient for those who don’t have a costume or don’t want to drop $40 on something they’ll likely only wear once.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this came out. It was my first run try to do this so it’s entirely new for me, but I think it looks pretty cool, no?

What Do You Think of This Look?

Do You Prefer Scary Halloween Looks or More Pretty, Whimsical Ones?

♥ Tianna 

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