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How to Get Nautical Sailor Style

So, I’m obsessed with all things nautical.

I’m not really sure why; maybe it’s because I’m from Southern California and we are pretty close to the ocean or maybe it’s because I lived in a small beach town in the OC when I was younger and it reminds me of home.

Whatever the case, all things blue and ocean themed are my favorite for the summer time.

Also, this style is awesome because you can play it up or down, depending on the day or occasion. You can rock a white tee with blue striped khakis and navy flats and that’s casual nautical. You can play it up and wear a button down white top, navy pants and striped flats.

It’s really up to you how you do it, but there are a few main rules to follow:

 Nautical Rules 

  1. Utilize these main colors: all shades of blue especially sea blues and navy, white, grey, and sometimes red.
  2. Utilize stripes.
  3. Utilize symbols of the sea: waves, anchors, sailor knots, mermaids, and you can branch out to surfboards, flip flops, sun, sand castles, ice cream, and other more modern symbols if you want the look to be more carefree and casual.

Obviously these rules are just guidelines; you can do the looks however you like. Half the fun of fashion is wearing things how you want, the way you want to, and enjoying the finished result because it’s a small reflection of you and your style.

I’ve broken the nautical look down with several different options on how you could put a fun look together that is both comfortable and stylish, versatile, and yes – nautical.


Shorts & Skirts:


Dresses & Jumpsuits:

Sweaters, Coats & Jackets: 

Heels & Shoes:




What’s Your Favorite Style to Wear During Summer?

Nautical – Love it or Hate it?

♥ Tianna


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