Random Favorites for Winter ♥ Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Spice, and Films + Books!

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Today’s post is a bit of a mash up of all of my favorite winter things!

I have been seeing so many Christmas tags – I might also do one of them, but for now, I thought it would be fun to share some of my winter favorites with you all ♥

Image Source: AlaModeJournals.com

Image Source: AlaModeJournals.com

Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate ♥

The winter is my favorite time for hot beverages, especially hot tea and coffee. I’ll still drink these year round, but in summer, I drink them iced. Winter is the only time I’ll drink hot apple cider and hot chocolate which is especially pleasant on rainy days! My favorite tea in winter is jasmine green tea or, if I’m nursing a cold, ginger tea is amazing. My favorite coffee drinks are peppermint mochas and toffee nut soy lattes. The best hot chocolate is made from scratch with dutch cocoa and actual chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon on top!

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Sugar & Spice ♥ 

I absolutely love enjoying baked goods in winter, though I’ve been trying to limit them this year, and my favorite are always chocolate chip cookies! I shared a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a fun twist – here – which are probably my favorite. I also like chocolate chip pecan cookies as well, but mostly just varieties of chocolate chip haha. Aside from that, scones and muffins are nice for breakfast, but I’m not huge on most pastries; just a select few 🙂



Films ♥

Maybe it’s because there’s an eternal winter involved and Christmas, but I always enjoy watching both the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings this time of year. It just seems right and it’s something I’ve done for years. I also tend to watch the Harry Potter films all over again and occasionally watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is an all-time favorite as well as the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ( US and Swedish versions). Aside from films, I find myself loving watching Sleepy Hollow, the new TV show, at the moment as well!


Books ♥

It’s a bit of a tradition for me to re-read all of the Harry Potter books once a year and it’s usually in the winter time. Aside from that, I sometimes pick up the Hunger Games series, Uglies series and have added the Millennium series to that as well. HG and Millennium trilogies are mostly because I received them as Christmas gifts a few years back so it’s kind of nostalgic, but they’re both incredible book series.

So those are a few of my favorites for winter – What about you?

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do In Winter?

♥ Tianna 

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