Plant Based Beauty | The Wonder Seed Review

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Plant Based Beauty: The Wonder Seed Review

The Wonder Seed is a beautiful green beauty brand that focuses on bringing you effective facial, body and hair care products that are happily made with unique plant ingredients. I was generously sent the entire line of products to try out and I’m loving these! I’m so impressed that they’re able to do so much with simple plant ingredients because these products have top notch quality and performance as well as a number of lovely scents which are carefully blended using essential oils.


The Wonder Seed Story

The Wonder Seed, formerly known as The Healing Seed, was founded by Theresa Ruiz-Hellings and is backed by 25 years of expertise and knowledge in the natural beauty industry, with an emphasis in botanicals and aromatherapy. The “wonder seed” is, in fact, their virgin organic hempseed oil which they believe to be the most nutritious oil on earth. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sulfur, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. The oil is included in all product formulas at an optimal amount to ensure that these valuable nutrients are all absorbed deep into skin cells. The benefits of this oil are plentiful and boast anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant and super healing properties among others. The products can help with any number of skin conditions including acne, eczema, rosasea, psoriasis, dry skin, and itchy and flaky scalp.

My First Impressions

As a non-vegan (who used to be vegan), it’s not necessarily the most important thing to me in a skincare brand, but I know so many readers for whom it is a big factor. That said, I do find brands who are vegan to be, largely, impressive on the whole. After so many years trying and reviewing products, I can say that it’s quite difficult to create an entire line of vegan skincare products. Many brands come close to being vegan, but usually a few products will include beeswax, at the very least, so I found it impressive that this entire brand of products is 100% natural AND vegan as well as cruelty-free. Another thing I really love is the simplicity of the packaging and the subtle scents of each product which are mainly either floral or fruity (though never overpowering). The main thing I was struck by is how gentle each product in this line is. All of these products are super hydrating, softening, and healing to use whether it’s the hair care or facial care products.

As someone who has consistently battled dry skin on my body for years, acne on my face on occasion, and a frequently oily scalp, I found this line to be very balancing. This is one of the few beauty brands which has the ability to be both super hydrating and healing and also extremely light and gentle all at once. My body skin is moisturized and soft, but the lotion never causes breakouts or irritation which is a common concern for me. It also doesn’t cause redness or itching which some scented body products often do on me. The facial care is effective, but gentle to use and never leaves an oily residue or makes my skin break out. I don’t much mind an oily residue if it’s a balm, but I know that’s an issue for some readers so this is one line which is very clean and refreshing, though still hydrating.


My Thoughts

  • Sweet Orange Hemp Shampoo + Conditioner – I honestly had really low standards for these two products because, in my experience, brands that try to sell everything never do that well at hair care. I always have the best results from straight hair care brands as opposed to brands that have everything, but this shampoo and conditioner worked surprisingly well. They’re both incredibly gentle, deep cleansing without drying or irritating my sensitive scalp, and very hydrating without being oily or weighing my hair down. Also, I really loved the scent of these; the sweet orange was really refreshing and energizing to breathe in on early mornings. I’m not sure it’s done anything crazy to heal my hair, but then again, my hair really isn’t all that damaged to begin with. That said, I do have medium-coarse fine hair and this did not weigh my hair down at all. On the contrary, I was left with soft, bouncy, voluminous, frizz-free waves after using these.
  • Fresh Jasmine Body Wash + Lotion – Not a fan of the jasmine scent of these body care products, but I suck it up because I absolutely love how gentle they are! The body wash is very calming on my skin and it gets lots of lather when used with my natural sea sponges so I enjoyed that quite a bit. The body lotion is very hydrating and feels so soothing, but it’s also very light. I tend to get body acne if a product is too heavy, but I also have dry skin so it’s quite the conundrum to be in. This lotion is just the right consistency to hydrate my skin without being too heavy or clogging pores.
  • English Daisy Facial Cleanser + Water Lotus Scrub + English Daisy Face Cream – Again, not a big fan of super floral scents like these, but the products worked very well. The cleanser was very gentle, almost like a gel cleanser. It doesn’t have the ultra-hydrating or even milky consistency of an oil or balm cleanser, but it does get the job done and it’s not drying or anything. If you’re looking for a natural vegan cleanser that doesn’t feel overly oily or leave a residue, this is an awesome choice! The scrub is gentle, but feels a lot like those plastic bead scrubs you get at the drugstore. I’m not a big fan of that feeling as I much prefer the grainy sandy textures, but this is a good scrub. Again, it gets the job done and it’s gentle enough on skin. The face cream was likely my favorite of the facial care products because it was wonderfully hydrating, but also super light. The cream absorbed into my skin so well and very quickly so it felt moisturizing, but also super balanced.
  • Spring Lavender Hand Cream – This hand cream is a real gem among the brand! You might not think a hand cream is anything to write home about, but I loved this stuff! I carried it around in my purse like a downright hoarder and, comically enough, my brother even used some as he happened to be struck by a skin irritation and found this to be really soothing! The lavender scent is lovely and relaxing and the cream hydrates hands like a charm. I love this stuff.

Overall, I’m super impressed with what this brand has accomplished. Being a 100% vegan brand is not an easy task and being a 100% natural AND vegan brand is even more difficult so I really applaud that accomplishment. On top of that, these products really do work. They’re effective at what they do, despite not being entirely to my own personal tastes. That said, I loved the hair care products and all the creams in this line. I think the face cleanser and scrub could be improved upon, but that might just be personal preference; I know tons of people who love cleansers like these. I definitely think these products are worth a look, especially if you happen to be vegan and are looking for an effective, natural skincare line. This definitely fits the bill.

You can learn more and purchase these products at The Wonder Seed

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