Pinterest Inspiration: 10 DIY Beauty Projects for Summer!

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Pinterest is a source of inspiration for, well, my entire freaking life!

There is so much valuable, priceless knowledge to be found on there that it’s pretty overwhelming at times so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve discovered via Pinterest recently in a convenient list so you guys can enjoy them without having to dig a hole to China to find what you’re looking for.

This pinspiration is all about DIY Beauty for Summer and I tried to pick only super simple projects so anyone can do them. For me personally, if a project is too complicated, I pin it and never look at it again, but I’d like to actually try these out IRL, if you know what I mean!

DIY WHEATGRASS ICE CUBES - The Beauty Department

DIY WHEATGRASS ICE CUBES – The Beauty Department

This absolutely brilliant and easy DIY recipe for wheatgrass ice cubes comes from the Beauty Department. I originally thought it was for smoothies or something ( I guess it could be LOL ), but apparently wheatgrass can help calm redness and inflammation and be very cooling to the skin. In their tutorial, they show these as helping to shrink breakouts!

Natural #DIY Hair Mask #Recipe to Repair Damage, Dryness, Frizz, Loss of Volume, & Naturally Highlight & Lighten #Hair! #beauty

Natural DIY Hair Mask –

This is the shameless self – promotion part of the post where I plug myself haha, but seriously this mask is AMAZING for hair, especially in the summer when you’re swimming in the ocean or pools and your hair can get dry and damaged. The honey acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to your strands while the coconut oil hydrates them. Also, using manuka honey, there is a higher content of natural peroxide that naturally occurs in it which will give your hair natural, damage-free highlights for summer. Overall, your hair will be bouncier, softer, and more manageable and hydrated after using this.  It is THE BOMB.

Magnesium Body Butter

Magnesium Body Butter – Wellness Mama

A lot of us are actually deficient in magnesium and, as Wellness Mama says – it’s needed for the absorption of vitamin D so it’s a great body butter to use before applying sunscreen or as a natural sunscreen, if your exposure will be minimal,(natural butters and oils in this recipe are around SPF 5), that will help your body absorb the maximum amount of vitamin D from the sun.

DIY Silky Soft Legs Like Never Before

DIY Silky Soft Legs Like Never Before – One Good Thing by Jillee

Soft legs during the summer are definitely important as we have them on display much more than any other time of the year so it’s optimal for them to look their best. This DIY for silky soft legs by One Good Thing by Jillee is fantastic and it’s actually a recipe I’ve tried before and IT WORKS! The idea is you use the scrub (check out the link for the recipe) on your legs before shaving, then you rinse and you repeat a few times. This allows you to get a very close shave and for your legs to be as smooth and as soft as possible. And yeah, it actually works!

DIY 'dry shampoo'!!!!!!

DIY Dry Shampoo – One Good Thing by Jillee

Another brilliant DIY by One Good Thing by Jillee is this one for dry shampoo. The recipe seems pretty easy to do, although I think I might substitute the rubbing alcohol in the recipe for sake or vodka to avoid using rubbing alcohol as it can be really drying and irritating to the scalp. If you do use sake or vodka as a substitute, though, you’ll definitely want to add an essential oil or fragrance to get rid of that alcohol smell. Fun fact – if you use sake, your scalp will also naturally be brighter and it could actually stimulate some hair growth!

Easy DIY After-Sun Lotion - Beautylish

Easy DIY After-Sun Lotion – Beautylish

This super easy after-sun lotion from Beautylish is brilliant! I’d probably substitute the black tea in this recipe for green tea though, possible jasmine green tea (for the scent!), as it helps protect you from UV rays that way my skin can heal, calm and also be protected.

Baking soda face scrub for a perfectly polished glow: Baking soda, Coconut oil or Olive oil. Mix a pea size amount of both in palm of hand. Rub gently all over face (not eyes) in circular motion, rinse and pat dry.

DIY Glowing Skin Scrub – Bespangled

 This DIY Scrub for glowing skin from Bespangled Jewelry is super easy. All you need is a plant oil and some baking soda. I actually do this one at home and it’s brilliant for exfoliating the skin, making your skin glow and also hydrating at the same time. It’s great for balancing oily and acne prone skin types because it’s a scrub you can rinse off, but it will leave skin super soft and hydrated without being heavy.


DIY Cucumber Toner – All Your Beauty

This DIY Cucumber Toner Face Mist from All Your Beauty is brilliant because cucumber is super cooling and anti-inflammatory for skin. It will help calm redness and keeping it in the fridge makes this extra refreshing – plus it lasts way longer. Also, I like blending this with a few sage leaves (like the fresh ones from farmer’s market) because it helps clear breakouts and skin irritations and makes the toner even cooler.

How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home: DIY Beauty Recipe #DIYbeautyrecipe #vitamincserum #homebeautyrecipe

How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home – Feminiya

This DIY for Vitamin C Serum from Feminiya looks awesome! I’ve never personally made my own vitamin C serum before and it looks totally doable. This is great for brightening skin, dark spots, pigmentation and helping clear skin of acne. Just make sure you wear sunscreen if you’re using a serum like this as it will make your skin photosensitive AKA more likely to burn!

Yes!  You can make your own sunscreen!  No chemicals or icky stuff!

DIY Sunscreen – Your Beauty Blog

This roundup of DIY sunscreen recipes from Your Beauty Blog looks promising! Most of them include a mix of zinc oxide with natural plant oils and butters so you’re protected naturally without chemical sunscreens.

That’s all for now – What Awesome DIY Beauty Projects Have You Discovered on Pinterest?

♥ Tianna

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