Organic Face Mists that Are Worth the Money

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Organic Face Mists that Are Worth the Money - Click through to read about these amazing natural face toners that will actually make a difference to your skin!

There’s always a lot of differing opinions when it comes to using natural and organic face mists and I can see why. Charging $40+ for a face mist does seem like highway robbery when the first ingredient is water. I totally get it. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even think about the fact that many luxury skincare brands include water as the first ingredient in many of their face mists and proceed to STILL charge a premium for it.

When my friend brought it up to me, I thought shit, you’re right… because I was dropping money on expensive face mists and toners, all with the first ingredient of water.

So, because I know that there are a TON of face mists out there that are totally a WASTE of money, I thought I would share the ones that are truly worth your hard-earned cash. These face mists and toners are amazing and you will definitely see a difference using them.

Organic Face Mists that Are Worth the Money

True Botanicals Pacific Face - Organic Face Mists that Are Worth the Money

True Botanicals Pacific Organic Face Mist

The Pacific Face Mist from True Botanicals is, hands down, my favorite mist on this list and with damn good reason! The first ingredient is organic green tea followed by other awesome organic ingredients like neroli hydrosol, green tea extract, sea fennel, sea kelp, and many others. What I love about True Botanicals is that they never use fillers like water or other crap; just PURE green goodness! Also, most (if not all) of their products are backed by clinical studies and results so you know these really work. I love using this face mist with face serums and oils. It always makes a BIG difference and I saw a nice change in my skin last summer when I first discovered it. It has a light floral scent and works like a CHARM!


Apoterra Rose Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid + Rooibos

Apoterra Rose Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid + Rooibos

I love this rose scented toner. It’s not really a mist because the pump kind of squirts liquid out. It’s clearly meant for cotton pads, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The toner is formulated in a base of organic rose water alongside hydrating hyaluronic acid, skin-tightening radish root ferment, and a number of other plant extracts to brighten, hydrate, and tone skin.


Ursa Major Skincare - ESSENTIAL FACE TONIC 4-IN-1

Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic 4-in-1

This soothing face tonic is wonderful because it functions for a number of uses. It gently cleanses without upsetting skin’s natural pH balance, exfoliates thanks to the inclusion of 3% natural AHA/BHA complex, and heals and hydrates skin with the help of aloe and witch hazel. This toner is perfect for acne prone skin types!



Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Face Mist

This wonderfully hydrating face mist has my favorite scent of those included in this list. It smells sweet and floral and hydrates skin like a BOSS! The soothing plant formula includes a base of organic aloe juice alongside TONS of organic plant oils, essences, and extracts.


suti peppermint toner - the best organic face mists that are worth the money!

Suti Peppermint Water Organic Facial Toner

This toner is one I’ve loved for YEARS. It’s so incredibly simple and it’s the perfect toner for summer, especially on a hot summer day. The only ingredient? Organic peppermint leaf water. This makes for an incredibly soothing and cooling mist that will cool you down instantly.


Honua Hawaiian_Beauty_Water

Honua Hawaiian Beauty Water

Although this one is a fairly new discovery, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites! The Hawaiian Beauty Water is one I use before applying makeup to prep my skin or before bed to prep skin for oils/balms/etc. What makes this particular toner spray unique is that it’s formulated in a base of organic coconut water and utilizes hibiscus, papaya enzymes, and Hawaiian sugar cane to gently exfoliate and reveal glowing skin STAT. It does this brilliantly and works really well with the Honua Olena Oil and other face oils I love. The scent is very herbal which isn’t the best, but if you can ignore the subtle scent of this, it works SO WELL.


Face Toner Mist With Water As The First Ingredient (that I Still Like):

may lindstrom jasmine garden mist

May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden Mist

The one thing I really love about the Jasmine Garden Mist from May Lindstrom Skin is the scent. It smells so relaxing and soothing at the end of a long day. The packaging is beautiful and the toner mist really does calm redness and inflammation like a boss. My only gripe is that it is ridiculously expensive and the first ingredient is water? Like, why? Other than that, I love this one and if they would just reformulate with a base of aloe or jasmine water, I would be on board for life!


tata harper hydrating floral essence

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

This floral mist smells lovely! It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys light floral scents. This toner mist is SO expensive it hurts, but it truly works well. The formula is in a base of water so I’m not sure I think it’s worst the hefty price tag, but I do love it. It  feels very luxurious and the packaging is great. The ingredients in the formula include bio-compatible hyaluronic acid, gotu kola, aloe, lavender, radish root extract ferment, and many other organic plant essences.


jane iredale d2o hydrating mist

Jane Iredale D20 Hydrating Spray

Jane Iredale is one of my favorite brands and they have a nice selection of awesome hydrating toner sprays to choose from. D20 Hydrating Spray is my personal favorite because it smells lovely, but isn’t overpowering and the spray comes out in such a fine mist that it’s perfect for refreshing makeup throughout the day or simply to cool you off on a hot day. The packaging is pretty, functional, and travel-friendly. There’s not a JI toner spray I’ve tried that I didn’t like so, yeah.

What Are Your Favorite Organic Face Mists?

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