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I purchased a set of lip tar minis ages ago before last Christmas, but I just have not gotten around to writing about them until now so thanks for your patience! I picked up a mini set of 4 lip tars that was special for the holidays and is no longer available, but you can still get the larger occ lip tar mini x 12 set at Sephora which has a great value.


Lip Tar All-Star Mini X 12 Set

My slightly smaller set of lip tars included NSFW (a true red), Black Dahlia (deep blackberry purple), Memento (a pink nude) & Anime (a bright electric neon pink).

My Lip Tars

NSFW really is a lovely true blue-red color. It looks about the same as my Dolce & Gabbana Devil lipstick, except that it’s a lot more creamy and not nearly as long lasting. I love using it as a base for red lipstick because it does amplify the color a LOT.

Black Dahlia is a dark cherry blackberry color and it looks very dark. You can blend it with Memento and it will lighten up a bit if it’s too dramatic for your tastes, but personally I think this color is great for gothic makeup looks or night vamp makeup. It has a very dramatic, but cool effect to it.

Memento is the most wearable of the 4 colors, though any of these can be mixed together or with other colors in order to create custom shades that a more wearable for day. Memento is a beautiful pinky nude color that is very wearable. It’s perfect for classic neutral makeup looks, especially mod 60’s looks, and looks especially pretty with bold brows and a cat eye. I’ve mixed this with tons of different lip tars and layered it over lipsticks and it makes any color pretty. This one is my absolute favorite for neutral everyday makeup and the one that’s the easiest to just pop on and go.

Lastly, Anime is my favorite of the lip tars for that WOW factor spring makeup look. It’s very dramatic, but in a bright way that brings a sense of fun to any makeup look. I love the name to this lip tar and the color – a seriously bright neon hot pink – is so cool for any makeup look. I think it could be played down a bit if you mixed it with Memento or even darkened with Black Dahlia which would all look pretty cool!


{ Mod Makeup Look – Using Memento }

Things to Know About Using Lip Tars:

  • The colors are extremely pigmented. You literally need a small dot to moderately cover your entire lip area. It’s crazy, but that’s how great they are. So, while it might seem expensive for their 12 piece mini set – trust me when I say that they will last you years. I have had these for several months and I’ve yet to even get halfway on them. You need very little for a TON of color payoff.
  • The colors are fun & easy to customize. The cool thing about lip tars is that they are extremely easy to customize. You can mix lip tars with each other or layer over other lipsticks that you own and you’ll get a totally custom shade. They are definitely worth investing in a few colors so you can create your own ones.
  • They last ages! As I said before, I’ve had these nearly 6 months and I’ve yet to even touch halfway down. I don’t even think my lip tars are a 1/3 gone yet. In fact, they still basically look new, as if I never use them, even though I use them all the time. That’s one really great pro to buying lip tars is that they last an incredibly long time, a hell of a lot longer than lipstick or lip gloss or lip balm, and they can be used in all sorts of fun ways.
  • They are difficult as hell to wash off. This is NO JOKE. Try wiping a lip tar off. I dare you. I double dog dare you. You can’t. If you try, you end up looking like a ridiculous version of the Joker because all wiping does is SMEAR that color all up all over your face. So, if you like that clown look, by all means, otherwise, use a cleansing oil or coconut oil or a makeup remover because these stain near instantly. Thankfully, if you get some on your clothes, they do wash off!

photo 1

{ Simple makeup using Anime }

Fun Ways to Use Lip Tars: 

  • Custom Lip Colors. These are fantastic for customizing your own lip colors. You can mix them together on your hand or a palette, if you have one, and make completely unique colors. I prefer mixing on my hand because that’s how I roll, but if you don’t want to stain your hand and don’t own a palette, a paper plate works as well.
  • As A Lip Base. These work great as a lip base for similar lipsticks or balms. Say, for instance, you want a REALLY deep red lip color – you can opt to use Black Dahlia or NSFW depending on how bright or dark you want the color to be and it will add dimension, depth and a uniqueness to the overall color while also making the lip color last a lot longer.
  • On their Own. Of course, you can use each of these lip tars on their own, as is, and you can see from the photos shown above that they look really nice that way. You can also use them as a color base for eye shadows, if you want to get really creative, but I kind of avoid that as I find they’re super heavy on the lids and feel sticky. Plus, on the eyes, it’s difficult for me to control where the color goes.

You can check out the entire line of OCC Lip Tars – from matte to metallics to gloss to plastic passion (pastels) – HERE 

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