10 Obscure Films You’ve Never Seen, But Should Definitely Watch!

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Because of the cold, I find myself watching more and more obscure films simply because there’s nothing else to do when I’m not at the gym or at work or working on other things. So, inevitably, I end up watching films and, as it’s one of my favorite things to do, I’m not complaining! One thing I really enjoy is watching random indie films that you’ve probably never heard of.

These are just films that got less exposure for some reason and less people seem to know about them. Because of this, I thought I’d share my 10 favorites of the somewhat obscure bunch that way you all have something to watch during this “arctic freeze” and some of them might even be on Netflix! Also, for all of the film buffs (and film snobs lol), I just want to say that I’m not guaranteeing that all of these will be extremely obscure, but just not really that well known or not blockbusters or in the mainstream.

10 Obscure Films You’ve Never Seen, But Should Definitely Watch!


The Lookout.

This is one of the more indie films Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in before he got mainstream famous and was still actively on the indie circuit. In it, he plays a guy who was in a bad accident which caused permanent brain damage. He who works at a bank as a local janitor which a group of criminals plan to heist. Everything changes when he is propositioned to be the lookout and help these criminals. Check out the trailer – here!

Igby Goes Down.

This is basically about Igby, his strangeness, and his seriously dysfunctional family. It’s a very dark, morbid comedy that feels slightly serious and slightly not. It features brother of McCauley Culkin, Keiran Culkin, Claire Danes, Susan Sarandon, and Ryan Philippe. Check out the trailer – here!


Brendan ventures into a ring of underground crime after his ex-girlfriend goes missing in order to find out what happened to her. Check out the trailer – here!

Cloud Atlas.

This is somewhat like Crash (the film) in that it has several stories woven together. It features different characters in different times who are seemingly the same people either reaping the benefits of what they have done in a past life or paying for some crime they committed. It’s really fascinating how the story comes together and I highly recommend it if you like philosophical dramas with political undertones. Check out the trailer – here!

You, Me & Everyone We Know.

This is a strange film, somewhat comedic and somewhat dramatic, about several people whose lives are all interwoven, though they don’t realize it. The story follows a struggling artist, a businesswoman and a single newly divorced dad trying to raise his 2 boys after his marriage falls about. It makes a big statement about how everyone is connected in some way or another. Check out the trailer –  here!


This is a dark comedy about suicide. Basically, the main character is sad because his girlfriend breaks up with him so he kills himself. Only, instead of ending up in heaven or hell, he ends up in a sort of limbo that is just like his real life was only crappier. Nobody can smile, people are still depressed and everyone there has committed suicide in some way or another. Check out the trailer –  here!


An animated family film, it tells the story of a girl living life on the road as her parents run a circus, but she hates it and wants to join real life. One night she dreams of two world ruled by light and dark queens. Difficult to explain this one! Check out the trailer – here!

Side Effects.

An interested suspense thriller about pharmaceutical companies, this story follows a couple where the husband has recently come out of prison after taking the fall for his banking company and his wife who is struggling with depression and anxiety. She visits a psychiatrist who gives her new controversial medication and starts experiencing some strange side effects. Check out the trailer –  here!

Donnie Darko. 

Donnie seems like a typical high school student, but he’s anything but. Mentally troubled, prescribed many pills by his psychiatrist and often sleep walking and waking up in random places in his town, he begins to see a man dressed in a creepy rabbit suit who tells him what to do, some of which is not always pleasant. It gets complicated, but it deals a lot with time, space and you can’t always tell whether Donnie’s dreaming, hallucinating or what. It’s really good, really creepy and makes you think about whether it’s the pills Donnie is on that are creating everything or himself. Check out the trailer – here!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

What would happen if you could erase unpleasant memories of past relationships? Clementine and Joel have broken up and Clementine decides to get her memory of their relationship erased. Joel finds out she’s had this procedure done and decides to get it done as well, but during the procedure, he changes his mind. Check out the trailer – here!

New Indie Film I’d Like to See: HER.This film is about a lonely man who develops a companionship with a computer program that’s designed to customize itself to his every need. See the trailer – here!

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What Are Your Favorite Films, Indie or Otherwise?

♥ Tianna 

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