New Fall TV to Get You In the Halloween Spirit: Sleepy Hollow On FOX11 + Sleepy Hollow Really Exists ♥

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Happy October! 

I just thought I’d share my new favorite fall TV show with you guys because I think it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get into the Halloween spirit!

The show is Sleepy Hollow and, if that’s not familiar to you, Sleepy Hollow originally was a novel by Washington Irving called The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The story is an American classic in terms of horror and fictional literature, in general, because the story was based on actual legends that circulated in the real-life town of Sleepy Hollow in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s and even features some real-life people as characters in the story, though I’m sure their characters are spun. The plot on a very basic level is that Ichabod Crane, a school teacher, sees a headless horseman running across the churchyard bridge of sleepy hollow one night and madness ensues, of course. Of course witchcraft plays a part in all of it, magic, love, etc.

Sleepy Hollow TV Show Fox 11 Series Cast

Sleepy Hollow TV Series Cast; Source:

The TV show retells and puts it’s own spin on the story and I’ve really been loving it so far!  The cast is pretty notable, though features some less known actors which I think is really cool. They also have John Cho (Harold & Kumar) guest starring as well as Orlando Jones among others! A new favorite of mine is the actor who plays Ichabod Crane – Tom Mison – who is both handsome and a great actor. Plus, he’s British and who better to play a classic American character than the British? No, I’m kidding, but seriously why is it always British actors playing Americans? Does this mean I can get cast in a British role on BBC because I’d be totally okay with that!

They put their own spin on things, of course, and they managed to make the horror elements of it both creepy and scary without seeming cheesy or over-the-top. The creature designs actually remind me a lot of the Faun and other creatures in Pan’s Labyrinth, to give you an idea.

I don’t want to give away too much of the TV show so just go watch it! You can watch it on Hulu to catch yourself up or you can watch the entire series on Hulu, if you like or don’t have access to watching the live TV show and I think they upload each episode the same night it airs or the night after, but the delay isn’t too long.

You might also be able to see it directly through Fox’s website – here.

Keep Calm and Don't Lose Your Head Gif

Keep Calm and Don’t Lose Your Head; Source: Tumblr

Another cool thing about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, in general, is that it’s based on a town that really exists and is one of the oldest towns in the USA. Apparently the churchyard in the real life Sleepy Hollow town is actually also one of the oldest churchyards in the country and features some gravestones which are in Dutch and German. The author of Sleepy Hollow is even buried in the churchyard and you can go and visit the “headless horseman bridge” and the churchyard to this day as both are open the public. Upon discovering this fact, it’s made my bucket list of places to see before I die! Anyhow, apparently Sleepy Hollow residents do a fun re-enactment of the headless horseman crossing the bridge every Halloween so if you’re nearby, you should check it out and let us know how it goes!

 To read more about Sleepy Hollow and the real life elements that the story encompasses, check out this article on Examiner.

Definitely check out the new show and let me know what you guys think of it!

Have You Seen the New Sleepy Hollow TV Show?

If Not, Are You Familiar with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

♥ Tianna

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  1. October 1, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    I am really loving this show. I never get to watch it when it’s on tv so I have to wait until the next day to watch it on fox. After a long day of studying, it’s the perfect way to end the night. Plus, as you mentioned, it’s not too scary so I can watch it without worrying about getting creeped out at night lol glad you’re enjoying the show too!
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