My Top 10 Tips for Making It Out of Black Friday Alive!

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Black Friday can be a frightening beast of an event if you’re not prepared and that can be fatal. If it’s your first time, you may want to get all of the tools in your arsenal out in order to help you be on top of your game to get all the sales and deals you want without being trampled to death. Here are some tips to help you survive the horror and hellfire of what is, arguably, the most insane shopping event of the year.

  1. Plan it out. Every year I take note of which Black Friday sales I want to shop the most and then I make a list of them all.
  2. Make some lists and check them twice. After deciding which shops I want to go to, I make a list of items I will likely be picking up there. For instance, if I’m going to Ulta or Sephora, I’ll make a list of beauty products I want, their prices, etc.
  3. Set A Budget. Every year, I set a budget on how much I want to spend in each store I go to. For example, last year, my budget at Sephora was around $100. If you want to have a hard set budget, take only cash out with you on Black Friday that way you don’t overspend.
  4. Bring Friends! Black Friday is always more fun with friends, but seriously, you need a team to pull this kind of thing off! My boyfriend’s family, for instance, go out on Black Friday like a freaking battalion in order to get deals on electronics and gifts for their kids. Their strategy is something like this: their mom stands in line with an empty cart while the 3 siblings get specific items on the list and they all meet up with their mom in line and pile the items into the cart. Done and done and their wait time is significantly lowered as much of Black Friday is inevitably spent waiting in line.
  5. Create A Schedule. This is something that I do because I’m neurotic about not wasting time, but it really does help create calm in the midst of what feels like utter chaos. People lose their freaking minds on Black Friday, but you don’t have to! So, to avoid going insane, I make a schedule of where I want to go first, second, third, last, etc. I usually schedule places around a route which is most logically close to my home so I don’t have to spend too much time traveling or being in traffic.
  6. Bring Snacks! Black Friday is hard work! You’ll be up late because sales start either on Thanksgiving evening or at midnight or sometimes 3 AM which, when you think about it, is kind of ridiculous, but there it is. Because of this, you will get hungry so get snacks! Otherwise, if you really want to crunch time, feel free to bring protein bars and easy on-the-go snacks with you in a small purse or backpack. You can thank me later!
  7. Stay Hydrated & Caffeinated. This is another important one which will help you avoid feeling totally hungover and horrible the day after BF shopping and that is to stay hydrated. Staying caffeinated is optional for those who have a hard time staying up late and I recommend tea over coffee. It will give you more of a level dose of energy where coffee gives a blast of energy then an immediate crash so you can stay up later without feeling like passing out in line once the rush wears off. I recommend bringing your own tea thermos as it’s cheaper, but whatever you want to do. To each his own and if you really want coffee, just get Starbucks or whatever you like, though definitely bring your own water bottles. That shiz is expensive!
  8. Wear Comfortable Shoes. This is pretty important because, as I said, you spend a decent amount of time standing in lines and walking from store to store so you’ll want your feet to be warm and comfortable!
  9. Use Cash Only. This is just optional, but I personally think it takes the confusion out of trying to figure out how much money you have spent, have left in your account, etc. If you take $100 out to spend and use only that, you will know exactly how much you have and you can even get it in $20 bills so you can delegate how much you will spend in each store. If you want to be super detailed about it, you can separate the cash into envelopes labeled with each store.
  10. When in Doubt, Shop Online. If Black Friday is something that gives you anxiety just thinking about it, then by all means, stay home and shop online. The online deals are nearly just as good as in store and, if you’re not in the USA or don’t have Black Friday, this is a nice way to still get great deals on things you want without all the panic. Stay tuned here on the blog for my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales posts!

Good Luck!

Do You Shop Black Friday In Stores or Online or Not At All?

♥ Tianna 

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