Mix and Match: 4 Things that Influence and Inspire My Sense of Style


As someone who is super creative and quirky, my sense of style is influenced by all manner of things. From books to films to global fashion trends and different eras, I’m always inspired to add new fashion pieces to my wardrobe by the things I come across and I think we all are in some way or another. Because of that, I thought I’d share a bit about what influences and inspires my sense of style the most so we can discuss it because I think it’s such fun to mix and match a bunch of different mediums, styles, and time periods to come up with things that are completely unique in your own form of self-expression.

Film & TV – This category probably inspires me more than anything else, except maybe books. Film and TV shows always have really incredible costume designers who take pieces from every genre and time period and put them together to create something incredible and fresh looking.

Books – I LOVE book fashion! Of course, you have to imagine the outfits described in books, but that’s sort of what makes it unique because every person will imagine something original to their own imagination and that will influence their fashion choices. I think it’s so cool, too, because books often use different time periods that are far in the future or deep in the past and you can take the ideas you get from them to create your own fun style. My favorites for books for style at the moment are Daughters of the Moon series and Uglies series.

Niche Styles from Around the World Like J-Rock, K-Fashion, British Indie, etc. : Global fashion always has unique flair to it and I especially love seeing Asian fashion styles like Gyaru, JRock and romantic KFashion styles. Other unique styles from around the world are Euro fashions from Sweden and Denmark and even UK fashions which are nuanced and unique in their own way. It’s crazy how different, yet similar they can be to American fashion trends and I love mixing and matching elements from each of them to create something new.

Different Time Periods – The various time periods are always fun to draw inspiration from because they’re all vastly different and interesting. I’m a huge fan of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s in America as well as the Victorian era because they all have fascinating facets to them that make that era stand out. Even more interesting is comparing the same era in one part of the world to another part of the world. For instance, the 1920’s in America looks different from the 1920’s in Britain, France and Italy.

What Inspires and Influences Your Sense of Style?

♥ Tianna 

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