{Manifest Your Best Self + Live to Your Full Potential} Fitspo + Inspiration!

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Positive affirmation about manifesting dreams.

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Happy Fitspo + Inspiration Wednesday!

This week’s post is about positivity and manifesting your true self in your mind so that you can live to your fullest potential by making your dreams a reality.

I know that sounds like quite a mouthful, but really, it just means believing in yourself in your mind, seeing yourself as you want to be, seeing your life as you want it to be, and making all of that come true simply by believing in it.

This practice is something I truly believe in and I’ve talked a little bit about it before. One big thing I like to do is create vision boards. A vision board can be on poster board or wherever you like; I pin photos onto a corkboard kind of like a physical pinterest, but whatever works for you is fine. Basically what you do is you post up images of whatever you want. For me, I post images of athletic women who are fit and strong because I’d like that for myself. I post images of nice homes, actresses and actors whom I admire and who are successful because I want to obtain that same success and be able to work on amazing projects like them, healthy food and positive quotes so I can live a happy and positive life, etc. Whatever you want, pin it. Sky is the limit. You can even do a pinterest board, if you prefer, but I personally think it’s more effective to physically do it just because there’s a cognitive connection to the action of picking out photos, cutting them and pinning them up to somewhere you see everyday as opposed to pinning them digitally where you are more likely to forget about them. To see my post on vision boards and how I visualize my goals into reality, check here.

♥ And Now Onto Fitspo + Inspiration ♥

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7bdda99b730e73b5337477135c74d428.jpg (500×750)

Image Source: Unknown – FitnessForever.Tumblr.com

Image Source: QuotesfortheMind.com


Image Source: TheLifestyleBible.com

Image Source: Quotesforthemind.com

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Image Source: Unknown – Found via Pinterest

What I think I am | thought

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Image Source: EmpowerNetwork.com


Image Source: HowDoIGetFit.com

Photo: Think of all the things you are Grateful for. What are they? Pls share!

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Image Source: thefitchicksjn.tumblr.com

And though it’s not relevant, it’s still funny and relatable. My old gym had a MASSIVE line for zumba so seriously…

Zumba meme fitspo fitness

Image Source: ifunny.mobi

What Exercises (mental, physical, etc.) Do You Do to Help Manifest Your Dreams?

♥ Tianna

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