Makeup Mix Up: Bronzed Makeup Look

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Makeup Mix Up: Bronzed Makeup Look

I was so bummed to miss last week’s Makeup Mix Up challenge so I made time this weekend to do a makeup look for this week’s challenge which was “Bronzed” of course!

As you might have noticed, I’m quite fair skinned and, as such, don’t have much of a tan. Being Italian Irish, I can tan, but it takes so much time to get past the pale olive that my skin likes to stay at that I would rather be pale. As a child, I was quite tan, but moving to the city away from the beach meant I no longer spent my weekends at the beach so, sadly, my tan has been MIA for years. On top of that, I now find that in order to tan, I have to either lay out every single day to get any substantial color or burn (which then tans), but I’d rather read and layer on the SPF than incur that kind of sun damage or as my boyfriend’s sister calls it “baking.”

Because a tan is not in the cards for me, this makeup look is the closest I’ll ever get to being bronzed unless I spray tan which, mostly, I opt out of due to both laziness and the lack of a desire to look orange. While it’s true there are some organic tanning products that look pretty natural, I just don’t find them to be worth the effort.


That said, I LOVE bronzed makeup looks. I love all the beautiful coffee, copper, and gold eye shadows and beautiful bronze powders. I have to be super careful with bronzers as many of them tend to make me look a little too oompa loompa for comfort or just like I’ve got a bit of dirt on my face. That said, I have, thankfully, found a good one in the RMS Buriti Bronzer that looks really pretty and works well for my pale skin without looking too orange.

Couple that with a pretty bronze lipstick from ILIA, a gorgeous blend of eye shadows and eyeliner pencil from Alima Pure, and a few others and that pretty much makes up this look! I opted out of using a foundation or blush as I find that these look really pretty worn to the beach and what’s the point in layering on foundation if you’re going swimming? On top of that, I think these looks are pretty on nights out when you might have gone to the beach earlier in the day and are looking a little sun-kissed. In these cases, you might find you don’t need any foundation and I personally just prefer a more paired back look because it’s quick, easy and the result is quite nice.



  • Vapour Beauty Illusionist Concealer in 010 (for under eyes and any spot concealing) – I love this concealer for brightening up my under eye area. It’s a brilliant product for those who get dark circles and need a little TLC for looking more awake. It’s also nice for spot covering any redness or breakouts.
  • Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel in Brunette – This brow gel is pretty long lasting as far as the natural varieties go and it still looks natural as opposed to painted on. I just run a bit of this through my brows to fill in the gaps as my hairs are quite fine.
  • Eye Shadows in Coffee Frappe, Taupe, and Cappuccino from Alima Pure (2 of the 3 colors are from the Day to Night LE set) – I used Taupe on the inner third and blended both cappuccino and coffee frappe over each other around the outer 2/3 of my eye. I did it all with my fingers as I find that works better for me and doesn’t cause as much fallout as using my brushes.
  • Coffee Eye Pencil from Alima Pure – This is a great deep brown color and, while it does take a bit to get it to soften up, it works really well to line eyes and smudges out really pretty.
  • ILIA Mascara in Shadow of a Doubt – This is a deep grayish brown mascara. It’s great for grey/brown eye makeup as it doesn’t look as harsh or dramatic as bold black mascara. If you prefer a more colorful approach that will brighten up your eyes, try a blue mascara. I like the navy one from Jane Iredale!
  • ILIA Lipstick in Linger – This is one of the more  funky colored lipstick purchases I’ve ever made, but it’s been one that I actually do wear in spite of it’s unusual look. The color is a bronze beige nude color. On me, it comes out really strong, but for someone with a more tanned complexion, I bet it would be such a beautiful nude lip. It’s a great color and I like that it looks different on everyone.
  • RMS Buriti Bronzer (for contouring cheeks and as an eye shadow base) – This is a fantastic cream bronzer for anyone who is pale and people who aren’t. It’s a beautiful color; not too orange or too brown. There’s a subtle shimmer, but it’s not overly shiny or glittery at all. This color would be a brilliant contour/bronzer product for any skin tone, in my opinion, though if you’re fair skinned, use a lighter hand. A little goes a very long way! If you’re more tanned or dark-skinned, you can probably use this as an all-over bronze and it’s so beautiful!
  • RMS Living Luminizer (for highlighting cheeks, nose, brow and eyes) – This is a great product for everyone to have on hand. It’s perfect for highlighting all the areas of your face for a “lit from within” kind of glow. I use it over the tops of my cheek bones, above and below brows, inner corners of my eyes, cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of my nose.



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6 thoughts on “Makeup Mix Up: Bronzed Makeup Look

  1. July 16, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    Well as a fellow pale girl I appreciate the tips and product recommendations. I love the way your bronze smoky eye turned out especially!
    Shea recently posted…Pastel Week: Sweet and ModernMy Profile

    1. July 16, 2015 at 2:56 PM

      Thanks Shea! Being pale can have it’s difficulties, but now that I’ve gotten a handle on what products work for me, I feel much less awkward haha. I love the eye shadows I used; they’re from Alima Pure who makes the most beautiful mineral eye shadows! Thanks for stopping by ♥

  2. July 17, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    What a great eye look!

    I find it’s hard to get a really bronzed face look with my fair skin, too… but I compensate by going crazy bronze with eyes sometimes–like you did!

    Thanks for linking up with us!
    Jaelan recently posted…The Makeup Mix-Up | BronzedMy Profile

    1. July 17, 2015 at 3:10 PM

      thanks Jaelan! Yeah me too. Otherwise, no bronzed for me lol. Most bronzers are just too orange or brown and so I end up looking all weird haha.

  3. July 20, 2015 at 1:05 PM

    I love the eyeshadow you chose! Bronze skin is hard to accomplish when you’re fair. Smart to choose the eyes instead!
    Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog recently posted…10 Classic Netflix Movies to Watch on a Hot Summer DayMy Profile

    1. July 21, 2015 at 10:20 AM

      thanks! I know it is so difficult to get a pretty bronze without fake tan and not a big fan of the whole fake bake thing haha. thanks for visiting!

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