Living Nature Vitality Body Oil Review

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If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile, you’ll know about my love for Living Nature and if not, type Living Nature into the search bar. There are TONS of reviews for their wonderful products from their gentle healing skincare to their naturally formulated organic cosmetics. If you are unfamiliar and don’t want to read other reviews, the long story short of this brand is they utilize organic and natural ingredients from around the world with an emphasis on rare ingredients found only in their native New Zealand to create some of the most beautiful, natural, gently healing beauty products around. I LOVE their products – no doubt – so it’s no surprise I accepted the Vitality Body Oil for review when it was offered up. I mean, who could say no?

Super Healing & Calming

I’m really happy I was able to trial this one because it’s a total gem to use after working out! Though the formula seems fairly simple, it really feels like magic because after I work out, shower and then apply some of this body oil with my body lotion, I swear my muscles just totally relax. Apparently one of the key ingredients in this oil – Kunzea oil – is approved in Australia for medicinal use (externally) so despite it’s natural content, this oil is no joke!

Sore Muscles Cure

Working out 6 times per week can make my muscles tight and sore so I’m glad to have this oil on hand. When applied, it immediately feels warming to the skin (not to be confused with burning – just heats up a tiny bit). As I massage this into my skin, it’s absorbed very quickly, though it doesn’t feel like a dry oil at all. It does feel hydrating, but more or less makes my skin feel invigorate and alive while muscles feel much less tense.

I’ve mainly been using this mixed in with the CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion (review + giveaway coming soon!), but it can be used a number of other ways (listed below) which makes it very versatile and multi-functional and that, to me, adds a lot more value to a product like this.

I’m totally in love with this latest body oil from Living Nature and for good reason! Have a look below at all the benefits of using this oil, how you can get your full use out of it, and what the ingredients can do for your skin and health.

Spotlight Ingredients:

  • Arnica Oil – Healing and calming properties
  • Peppermint Oil – Cooling and calming
  • Juniper Oil – Natural antiseptic, calming, and healing
  • Kunzea Oil – Relieves muscular pain and helps reduce stress (approved by Australia’s TGA for medicinal external use)

Features & Uses:

  • Heals sore muscles
  • Invigorates skin and supplies more oxygen to skin
  • Rids toxins from the skin and body
  • May be used in the bath, applied to skin before shower (to relax and relieve stress and muscle pain), applied to skin after shower on damp skin, and mixed with your body lotion for added hydration and healing.

The Benefits 


Overall, I really am loving this Vitality Body Oil. It truly does feel invigorating, relaxing and seems to help relieve my muscle soreness after daily workouts which is a huge one for me. I love that this can be used in numerous different ways and that the ingredients are proven to assist with healing, relaxation and muscle pain on a medicinal level because that, to me, says they actually really work.

You can learn more and purchase this oil – HERE

Have You Tried Living Nature?

What’s Your Favorite Body Oil?

♥ Tianna

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  1. July 23, 2015 at 1:04 AM

    Haven’t tried this product yet, I’m currently using bio-oil. But it sounds really promising.
    Thanks for the review, hun!

    Jhem |

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