Living Libations Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn Oil Review

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I was lucky enough to be able to review this wonderful all purpose organic oil for hair, skin & nails from Canadian brand, Living Libations. Created by founded Nadine Artemis, Living Libations is unique in that their company offers only the greenest and cleanest products which are ethically sourced, sustainable, and free from harmful ingredients and additives. Their brand is highly regarded among green beauty and healthy living enthusiasts alike including celebrities such as Alanis Morissette and more recently Shailene Woodley (Tris in Divergent).

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn Oil Review


I actually didn’t know they had such a great reputation until I was already testing out a few of their products and I came across their testimonials to see they’ve had tons of praise for their wonderful line of clean products. They carry a wide line of products from beauty to health, essential oils and elixirs, and even pure sourced chocolate.

Multipurpose Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails

One of the first products I’ve been trialing is their BestSkinEver Seabuckthorn Oil which is an all purpose natural oil and can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, it can be used as an all-over face and body moisturizer. Aside from that obvious use, it can be utilized as a cleansing oil, used to exfoliate skin gently when used with a Clarisonc or muslin cloth, and the ingredients in help to tone, soften, nourish and hydrate all at once. You can use this oil on cuticles and nails, the ends of hair or massaged into the scalp as a treatment, and pretty much any use for the face and body. I’ve used this on the ends of my hair, as a cleansing oil, as a face moisturizer, on my hands and nails, and with my Clarisonic and I’ve had a great result from every different use.

Spotlight Ingredients:

  • Super Critical Seabuckthorn Berry Oil – High in beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamins, this oil helps to balance lipids in the skin, works as a calming anti-inflammatory on irritations, protect against water loss in cells, and helps to heal and prevent premature aging as the oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C & E.
  • Golden Jojoba Oil – High in peptides and lipids, this oil is a rich source of natural vitamin E which helps to nourish and condition skin while balancing sebum (oil) production.
  • Lavender – Calming and relaxing, lavender oil is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and helps to heal skin, encourage cell rejuvenation and turnover, and balance skin’s oil production.

Benefits & Uses for BestSkinEver Seabuckthorn Oil


Overall, I really love this oil! It’s super multipurpose and has endless uses. I love that it’s filled to the brim with high quality potent ingredients that are high in nourishing, healing, calming and balancing nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins for the skin that can help hydrate, calm and prevent premature aging and scarring. This is the perfect product for anyone looking to get all of their beauty needs fulfilled in one fantastic product that has a great record as it’s very clean, green and sustainable. I’m seriously impressed by their ingredients and their green reputation and I think this is a fantastic oil to always have on hand for anything you might need whether it be a moisturizer, cleanser, soothing treatment for small cuts and burns, scar treatment, nail and hand treatment, and even for a softening treatment on hair.

You can learn more about this product – HERE

Have You Tried Living Libations?

What’s Your Favorite Green Beauty Brand?

♥ Tianna

*Product was sent for review; PR sample.

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    Nice review! this canadian green brand gets lots of good reviews 🙂 x

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