Karen Murrell Lipstick Love!

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I’m not exactly sure why it’s taken me so long to feature Karen Murell Lipsticks in a post again, though if you read my favorites posts frequently, you’ll see I’m always mentioning them as being my favorite lipsticks.

If you haven’t been following long enough to get the scoop on all the amazing things about Karen Murrell Lipsticks, then now’s the time for you to perk up and then go buy some because they’re amazing.

Made in New Zealand, these are just about the cleanest, greenest lipsticks around. 


They are made with certified organic, wild crafted ingredients, they’re cruelty free, nearly vegan save for the beeswax and honey in the formula, and they smell AMAZING. Just like cinnamon. It feels like a breath mint and a lipstick combined with amazing pigmentation, a super body and environmentally safe formula, and a lovely variety of colors.

When I first reviewed these lovelies, they didn’t have the lineup they have now, but they’ve expanded quite a bit and now carry a pretty nice selection of colors to choose from including lovely nudes, pinks, berry colors, and some red variations. All of them are incredibly pretty and natural, but still super pigmented. My top favorites are a draw between Sandstorm (a beige nude) and Rymba Rhythm, though Carnation Mist is a nice third.


I use them all the time and then I keep going back to them again and again. I’ve turned many of my friends onto them and actually had a few of my friends borrow them for extended periods of time, only to return them, begging me to let them keep the lipstick they borrowed haha. This is the kind of desperate love Karen Murrell Lipsticks create.

If you’re not already convinced enough, I came up with 10 really good reasons why you should give them a go ♥

10 Reasons to Love Karen Murrell Lipsticks:

  1. Certified Organic Ingredients.
  2. Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly and Nearly Vegan (save for Beeswax and Honey).
  3. Lovely Natural Lipsticks Come in 16 Shade Variations to Choose From!
  4. Lipsticks are packaged in a polylactic acid corn resin-based material that begins to degrade after 100 days making them totally biodegradable, packaging included!
  5. Made with Locally Sourced and Traceable Ingredients in New Zealand.
  6. Free of Harmful & Toxic Ingredients.
  7. Lipsticks and packaging are greenhouse gas neutral so they don’t contribute to global warming or emissions.
  8. Lipstick boxes are made from 100% recycled and renewable sources from New Zealand paper and soy inks.
  9. All packaging is ECOCERT certified as being clean, green and overall environmentally friendly.
  10. Lipsticks are not only pretty, but smell lovely (like cinnamon) and help heal and hydrate lips with clean, body safe ingredients!

Not necessary to the list, but as a side note, I want to mention that the Karen Murrell Lipstick line is ever-expanding and they even have some new colors I haven’t tried, but that look so pretty and have really cute names, like Pink Starlet, Violet Mousse, Scarlet Blaze, Orchid Bloom, Peony Petal and Lavender Laughter ♥

You can see my original post for Karen Murrell Lipsticks – HERE.

You can check out her entire line of lipsticks – HERE.

Have You Tried Karen Murrell Lipsticks?

What Do You Think of Them? 

♥ Tianna 

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    Love the outer design of these!
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