Influenster Review: Dr. Scholls Active Series Insoles!

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I’m really excited to share a new fitness discovery with you all today!

I was selected by Influenster to receive these Active Series Insoles from Dr. Scholls and, as a runner and fitness enthusiast, I happily accepted and I’m so glad because they are heaven on my feet!

I was a little hesitant because I don’t have any foot issues really. I do, however, have a very high arch and therefore flat shoes frequently hurt my feet. So, naturally, when I first received these, I tried them out in my regular day shoes first and they are so comfortable! Since the day I received these insoles, I have worn them every single day, both when I’m going running or working out and when I’m not because they’re that comfortable.


Things to know about these insoles are that they fit a variety of foot sizes and that’s noted on the packaging so make sure it’s within your size range. There are a set of lines around the toe of these insoles which you match up to your own feet. If your feet are smaller than the original insole, you cut off some of the material at the line where your toe matches up with some scissors for a totally custom fit to your feet.

I don’t actually know how I got on without these before – they’re that wonderful. I plan on buying my boyfriend a pair of these insoles as well because he frequently gets shin splints and needs the extra support.

I really don’t know what to say about these except that I highly recommend them and they’re a wonderful addition to anyone who does a lot of walking, running or fitness.

Fun Facts About These Insoles: 

  • Reduce shock/impact by 40% – Won’t hurt when you land after jumping around!
  • Designed with Triple Zone Protection for your ball of foot, arch, and heel – Max Support!
  • Helps relieve and prevent pain from shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot odor with SweatMax™ technology – No idea if this works as I wear socks, but possibly?

If you want to learn more about these insoles, read more reviews, or purchase some for yourself, you can check them out – here.

Special thanks to Influenster for sending these to me for review ♥

Do You Use Dr. Scholls Insoles? 

How Do You Feel About Foot/Arch Support Insoles for Fitness?

♥ Tianna 

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