iFabbo Review: Hyd for Men Shave Skincare Set

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So I am “reviewing” this product and by that I mean I’m recording in a post, everything my boyfriend has said to me about this skincare shave set from HydforMen because I didn’t use it myself.

I received this from ifabbo so I guess you could say they’ve sponsored the review, though I haven’t received any money or anything, just the products which my boyfriend has been using.


So basically all you need to know is that he loves the set. He gets a ridiculously close shave when using these products, no razor burn and he said his razor does actually last longer so there’s that. Aside from that, he has somewhat sensitive acne-prone skin and this doesn’t irritate or break him out. It’s really hydrating, but it’s not oily or anything because, if it was, he would refuse to use it. I was sincerely surprised he ended up liking the kit, to be honest, but really glad that he did.

In his words – ” Where do we buy this stuff? It’s worth whatever it costs… as long as it’s not TOO expensive…”

Haha, he swears like I was going to tell him he couldn’t get it if it was too expensive which I thought was kind of adorable and funny. Anyhow, so he loves the kit!

If you or your boyfriend, dad, uncles, brothers, husband, etc. need something for shaving and skin conditioning, this would be a great one to buy them as a gift for the holidays. Also, if they need some effective, yet minimal skincare stuff that focuses on shaving with added benefits of hydration and skin conditioning, this is perfect. Another bonus is that they use all natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about the nasties they put in crappy drugstore men brands; this doesn’t have any of that.

You can learn more about these products – here.

Have You or Anyone You Know Tried HydforMen Products?

♥ Tianna

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