I Spent Way Too Much Money: Here’s What I Got #2

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 Today’s post is a bit of a lazy one as I’m just sharing some of the things I’ve bought recently. And by recently, I mean anything from the past few months, though a few of these are pretty recent if my Instagram feed is any indication (I may have a shopping problem LOL).

If you’re curious to see what I spend my money on, you can check out the last haul post I did ( which was ages ago haha). Anyhow, disclaimer – I don’t do these posts to brag about what I got, but rather to show you what I’m spending my hard earned cash on and what I think is worth spending on because quite a few of these were NOT cheap.

image (1)

 I feel like I have re-purchased every May Lindstrom product I’ve ever tried recently, but I know that’s not true. I’m still missing a few  – (ran out of Youth Dew recently..sadness) the Youth Dew Serum (review) and her latest Blue Cocoon Balm (review) are out at the moment 🙁 and I still need to pick up that pretty angled face mask brush, but other than that, yes, I have the entire collection. Not entirely “proud” of that, but not entirely ashamed of that either haha. It was just SO expensive. Anyway, totally worth it in the long run and these products last me ages!


 And this photo because, when you receive your May Lindstrom order, what else are you supposed to do but take artsy photographs of the beautiful packaging?

image (1)

 And then obviously the second thing you do is put on your Problem Solver Mask + Honey Mud because you inevitably have a spot on your face from the week you went without your weekly face mask ritual!

image (2)

I wanted to do a fun smokey eye makeup look and I used a small amount of products to get this look. Excuse my weird expression – I just don’t know how to pose for photos LOL. There is another photo of this look on my Instagram that’s more normal ish with no filter if you wanna see the look in a different way.

image (3)

 Here are the products I used to get the look: MAC Cream Shadow in Constructivist, Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in Neutral 2, Alima Pure Sombra Contour Powder, Living Nature Eyeliner in Jet, and Karen Murrell Lipsticks mixed together – Peony Petal and Lavender Laughter.

A List Of Everything I Purchased/Re-purchased:

What Have You Bought Lately?

Do You – Like Me- Feel Guilty When You Make Purchases?

♥ Tianna

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2 thoughts on “I Spent Way Too Much Money: Here’s What I Got #2

  1. valgal
    July 15, 2014 at 11:15 PM

    I love, love, love all of May Lindstrom’s products! I recently read that she has a new product she’s developing that sounds like it’s something of a Jasmine body spray. Squeal!

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