How to Rock the Trend Vol. 2 : Neon

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Neons can be a great way to add color to your spring and summer outfits, but there’s a fine line between looking stylish and then looking super dated. I think the neon trend is a lot of fun to wear during the summer time, but I try to avoid looking like an 80’s flashback as I think that’s pretty tacky so here are a few tips on how to rock the trend in a tasteful and fun way.

Neon Fashion


Top: Quontum Neon Strap Back Bodycon Dress / Rebecca Mink-off Mini Cross Body Bag / Luli Fama Verano de Rumba Bikini

Bottom: Chain Reaction Dress / Jimmy Choo Damsen Sandal / N.L.P. Sweet Heat Bikini

Rocking neon is all about contrast colors. 

Contrast colors are way makes or breaks the look, in my opinion. Much in the same way that wearing all over pastels can wash you out, wearing all neon can be a bit garish and look really dated. To avoid that and, instead, look stylish and put together even with a fun pop of color, pair up black, grey, white, or even nude or beige with a neon color. I would advise no more than 2 neon colors at one time in any outfit just because the colors are so bright that they can be off-putting to look at when you pair up too many at one time. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule and I think if you are wearing a bathing suit, a color block top with multiple neon colors, or maybe even a striped neon jacket then those tend to look nice even though there are tons of neon colors. Just make sure you pair them with more subtle contrast colors like a nude top, dark jeans, black slacks, or a grey skirt.

My Favorite Neon Contrast Color Combinations: 

  • Neon Yellow + Light or Dark Gray
  • Neon Blue or Green + Beige or Nude
  • Neon Pink + Brown
  • Neon Purple + Black

Neon Colors that Go Well Together:

  • Neon Purple + Neon Pink
  • Neon Light Green + Neon Light Blue
  • Neon Coral + Neon Purple

Neon Beauty


Top: OCC Lip Tar in Anime ( see my review here! ) / Lime Crime Fantasy Palette / ZINKA in Blue

Bottom: Lime Crime Lipstick in Cosmopop / ZINKA in Green / Scotch Naturals in Paisley Martini

Neon beauty is a duality of either subtlety or boldness.

Rocking neon colors in your beauty routine isn’t as hard (or strange) as you might think, but I personally believe you can do it in 1 of 2 ways. On the one hand, you can go all neon. This is not really for the faint at heart or for everyday makeup looks and unless you work in a beauty or fashion company, it’s probably not work appropriate either. That being said, it might be really fun to rock bold neon colors if you’re going to a rave like EDC, a fun club and you want your look to have a funky theme, or otherwise if you want to do a fun makeup look that’s really bold and out there. If you want a more subtle neon look, I think rocking a neon lip color, a neon eye shadow color or eyeliner, neon mascara if you have light colored lashes, and the most subtle way of all is by rocking neon colored nails. Another bold way to rock the neon trend is by coloring your hair, but I must warn you – this takes a lot of commitment. If you have dark hair, it’s a LOT of work to keep the color from fading.

My Favorite Neon Colors for Beauty:

  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Coral

See last week’s “How to Rock the Trend” post on Pastels – HERE

Love or Hate the Neon Trend?

How Do You Wear Neons?


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    I love Neon! There’s just something about that makes me all cheerful and happy haha. Especially nail polishes. As for makeup, I love the shades, and only issue I have is that I don’t feel confident that I can pull it off LOL

    xx Donah
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    1. April 30, 2014 at 4:08 PM

      yeah I love how bright it is – so fun for summer time!!!I think you could definitely pull it off – esp because you have nice tan skin – the contrast always looks lovely!

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