How to Rock the Trend Vol. 1 : Pastels

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I’ve been all about pastels and neons for some reason lately so I thought I would do a few posts on fun ways to rock these trends. Today’s post is talking all about pastels. Pastels are a trend which I think can be kind of tricky because pastel colored makeup can tend to make you look super washed out if you’re not careful and the pastel fashion trend can be hard to do without coming off very Easter egg ish so I came up with some ideas on how to rock the trend with confidence and grace ♥


Top: Multi-Stick in Tenderly / Kjaer Weis Cream FoundationTinted Lip Conditioner in Hold Me Now

Bottom: Whisper / Highland Mist / Morning Glory Fizz

Pastel Beauty

Pastel beauty can be tricky for a number of reasons, but mainly there’s the concern with looking washed out. This probably isn’t too much of an issue if you’re beautifully tan, but I’m not so I thought I’d address it. Basically the best way to avoid looking super washed out is by balancing a pastel lip or cheek look with a smokey eye makeup look. This doesn’t have to be super dramatic – you can get smokey eyes with lavender brown neutrals, all deep browns, or of course blacks and grays. Lavenders and light neutral browns will be less severe and look great during the day. This will help give your face more dimension to balance out the flatness of pastels and really make them pop a bit more. Also, I prefer a more matte or cream finish to foundation when using pastel colors as I’ve found dewy skin just looks weird. I feel like pastels just look better with powdered or matte finishes which I think matches the flatness of pastel colors better than dewy or glowy skin.

If you’re going for that super washed out all pastels makeup look just go wild, I suppose. I’ve seen it done where it looks decent, but I’m not sure how I feel about it so that’s up to you if you want to rock that look. I personally think it makes the face look dead and shapeless. If you are too worried about wearing pastels in makeup, you can always rock super cute pastel nails which is easy and goes with everything. If you want to go super dramatic, there’s always the option of coloring your hair a pastel color, though if you have naturally dark hair the damage and upkeep will be astronomical. If you’re blonde, you can simply add in highlights or color all over and it looks pretty cute in my opinion!

Pastel Beauty Tips:

  • Balance Pastel Lips & Cheeks with Smokey Eye Makeup (Lavender Browns, Neutrals, Browns, Blacks, Grays) to avoid looking washed out.
  • Have fun with pastel nail looks.
  • Go crazy and color or highlight your hair a fun pastel color!


Top: Linen Tailored Blazer / Punchline Platforms / Jumper with Open Back & Bow

Bottom: Whistles Megan Sculptured Dress / Satchel Bag with Scalloped Edge / Quilt Cross Body Bag with Rabbit Ears / Midi Strapless Dress

 Pastel Fashion 

Pastel fashion is a little less complicated than pastel beauty looks, but the risk here is looking like you’re constantly celebrating Easter instead of looking spring chic. In my opinion, the best way to avoid this is by sporting one or two pastel colors at a time and no more than that. You can do a look with an pastel color by itself and maybe use cream colored clothing or light jeans or denim shorts to create a more dynamic, but very simple look. If you just want to add a bit more of that pastel color pop, you can add in another pastel colored bags or shoes and that makes the look a little more colorful without making you look ridiculous. Of course, there’s also the whole “rules are made to be broken” thing and you can literally cover yourself in head-to-toe pastel colors of all kinds. I think it looks like you’re celebrating Easter, but some people really like it so, again, personal preference is a thing.

Pastel Fashion Tips:

  • Try one color at a time if you’re unsure.
  • Add in second pastel color to make the colors pop more – adding a pastel colored bag or cute heels are a great way to do this without over-doing it.
  • Rock all the pastel colors of the rainbow all at once to your heart’s content!

With any trend, I think the most important tips you could take away in order to really enjoy it are to have fun and fit the trend in with your own personal style. If you have a 50’s inspired rockabilly style about yourself, adding in a pastel cardigan or a pastel lipstick is a simple way to have fun and give your look a freshness in spring. If you have a more minimalist, all basics all the time, kind of girl, there are a ton of different kind of tees in pastel colors that you can add in to your wardrobe from muscle tees to basic v-necks, crop tops, cami tops, peplum tops, and more.

My Favorite Pastel Look:


Image Source: Google Images

Despite her face looking kind of washed out, I still really like this look on Hayley Williams in the new Paramore ” Still Into You ” music video and she’s rocking some pretty cute pastel fashion as well. I love that jacket!

Here are some similar clothes to the ones she rocks in her video: Jacket / Belt / Boots / Melting Tights (also available in pastel blue,pink, lavender)

How Are You Wearing the Pastel Trend?

Love It Or Hate It?

♥ Tianna

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