How to Naturally Purify Your Home

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How to Naturally Purify Your Home

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By now, I’m sure you’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard me ranting and raving about this amazing brand, Morphologically, but if you still haven’t heard about this one, I’m happy to rant a little more and share a few ways on how to naturally purify your home!

The Morphologically Story

Melissa McGill, the brand’s founder, grew up off the grid and unconventionally in a barn-turned-house as a little woods-wanderer in the interior of British Columbia. Raised by conscientious parents who fled from NYC to Canada while the Vietnam war draft was on and then lived off the Canadian land, Melissa spent much of her childhood learning much about the natural world that would later help her in her own spiritual lifestyle endeavors.

She learned things like what time of year was best to pick rose hips, how to dry chamomile to make tea, and when to graze on fresh peppermint to ease a sore stomach.

This unique upbringing led to a job in aromatherapy which bloomed a passion in her for bringing the healing ways of nature to the modern world with her creations. After years of studying holistic nutrition, organic chemistry, and meditation, Morphologically was born. The latest collection for spring has added new candles, roll-on’s, salts, and sprays to the Morphologically line. As with everything she creates, pure aromatherapy with a passion for woods and historically clearing notes are what helped inspire this season’s specially crafted items.

How to Naturally Purify Your Home { with Morphologically NYC }


Morphologically 100% Essential Oil Room Sprays

Gorgeous new items from the Morphologically include a collection of room sprays, aromatherapy roll-ons, bath salts, candles, shower drops, and gorgeous palo santo sticks which can help to purify your home and improve your life in a number of ways.

The first way is with these delectable room sprays. You can utilize these in so many ways, but my favorite way has been as a 1-2 punch for both neutralizing odors in my home and also keeping the environment calm, centered, and stress-free.

These sprays are 100% essential oil blends so they’re completely natural.

The scent blends are unique, earthy, and extremely relaxing. My favorite is the Hinoki Forest blend which is very woodsy and earthy. It’s almost smokey scent is amazing for clearing bathroom and kitchen odors, but it’s equally wonderful for calming my nerves and making me feel more relaxed. Soul is also a wonderful spray, though it’s much more spring-like with it’s blood orange influence and a lot more energizing to me than calming so the uses and effects will be different with these essential oil blends. They can also be used to spray your favorite textiles (like pillow cases and sheets), make a room feel more friendly, or even sprayed lightly on as an impromptu body mist.

How to Naturally Purify Your Home

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Morphologically Aromatic Shower Drops 

Another kind of product you can utilize that is purely emotional and spiritual are these lovely Shower Drops. I’ve only tried this one in Elevate which is so uplifting. It’s very earthy and smells very happy, if that makes any sense. It just smells amazing. It’s very easy to use while showering. You simply use the dropper to let a few drops of this fall to your shower floor during your regular bathing and the scent will release almost instantly.

Relax, inhale, and go about your showering as usual.

This scent blend is incredible for feeling uplifted and optimistic. I just love using it when I’ve had a stressful day or I want to wake up in the mornings; it’s perfect for that. The Respire variety is one I haven’t tried, but it’s more for deep-breathing and respiration utilizing a strong influence of eucalyptus. It’s perfect for those with congestion issues during spring or anyone who’s dealing with bouts of illness like a flu or cold. I also imagine it might be good for those who suffer from asthma as well, though I haven’t tried it and can’t say for sure. Check with your doctor if you’re unsure whether it’s okay to use!

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Morphologically Candles & Palo Santo Sticks

The next wonderful line of products are gorgeous aromatherapy scented candles. My favorite way to use these is in the evening or on cold mornings when I want to relax with a cup of tea, a good book, and smell something really pleasant, but calming. These come in a number of blends. My favorite (of the moment) is Golden Amber as I love pretty much anything with amber. It’s very warm and sensual with Peru balsam and frankincense, almost like any other vanilla amber candle out there, but better and a whole lot more naturally made.

Reverence is a lot more earthy and woodsy with it’s balsam fir and sandalwood.

The Palo Santo sticks were something I used when I first moved into my new apartment at the expertise of Melissa, Morphologically founder. She said it would help clear and purify the energy in my new home and make it feel more like my place. Honestly, I had some skepticism at first, but when I first moved in, the place smelled like new paint and hotel. It just did not feel like home. After burning the palo santo every evening for a week or so, it completely got rid of the paint smell and replaced my home with a clean, earthy scent that just felt new and fresh and calming. I really cannot thank her enough for that. It helped assuage a lot of the anxiety I had leftover from moving and put me at ease.

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Morphologically Roll-On Fragrance

Another line of products by Morphologically include the lovely roller ball fragrances. Made of 100% essential oils in a blend of jojoba oil, these roll-ons are, much like everything else in the Morphologically product selection, practical and emotional in use. The roll-ons serve as lovely, unique, and natural perfumes you can roll onto the body as you like, but the blends also function to help uplift your mood, calm you, relax you, or center and ground you, depending on the blend of oils.

I really love to carry these around in my purse or just roll them on throughout the day when I’m at home.

They smell amazing and they really do work for improving mood, calming anxiety and stress, and just generally making me feel more grounded which is a wonderful side effect to get from a perfume, if you ask me!

How to Naturally Purify Your Home

Morphologically Bath Salts 

Last, but certainly not least, are the bath salts. I’ve only managed to try two of these: the Golden Amber and Hinoki Forest varieties. Golden Amber is very similar in scent to the same name candle, but the pink salt helps get rid of toxins, the scent calms and centers you, and both help stimulate circulation, relax the body and soothe sore muscles.

Hinoki Forest is much more earthy in scent, just like the same name room spray and it utilizes a Hawaiian and black charcoal salt blend.

This blend helps detox your body, calm and relieve stress, uplift your mind, and ease body and muscle stiffness. Be prepared to scrub a little after you finish bathing as this will leave a black ring of charcoal and oil residue once you finish, but totally worth it!

How to Naturally Purify Your Home

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Overall, I really cannot recommend Morphologically products enough. They’ve certainly enriched my everyday life for the better. Even my boyfriend, the antithesis of beauty and home products, likes these products so that’s saying something. These work so well for uplifting and calming my spirit, helping me feel clarity and relaxation, clearing out the mental clutter, and help to naturally purify my home. If spring cleaning is on your mind, consider clearing out the spiritual cobwebs as well; I promise you’ll reap the benefit from it.

You can learn more and purchase any of these products at Morphologically

Have You Tried Morphologically Products?

How Do You Naturally Purify Your Home?

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*Products provided for review by Morphologically NYC; All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are 100% honest and entirely my own.

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